All About Softdrink….

Hi Guys, after introducing you to my new friend “Diabetes” last week I thought I would share this DailyInfographic with you to scare you off the sugary drinks even more!! This is from America so you will have deal with the terms pounds and soda.

Remember our motto this term is…..”JUST DRINK WATER”

Who hasn’t heard of the deliciously fizzy drink called soda? Depending on what part of the country you’re in, soda can have different names, (pop, fizzy drink, coke, soda pop, soft drink) but no matter what, soda always has that characteristic fizzy taste. Being a health nut, I’m not a fan of soda. I could live without the extra calories, and the few times that I do drink soda, I always seem to end up with embarrassing case of hiccups.

In recent years, medical experts have voiced their opinions about soda. They claim that drinking it in excess can lead to a number of health problems, specifically obesity. Sorry folks, but today’s infographic highlights the dangers surrounding soda, and how it directly impacts the various parts of the body. Hopefully today’s frightening information will help you think twice about ordering your favorite fizzy drink, and opt for water instead.soda4

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