There Is No Can’t

I don’t know about you, but I hate the word can’t. It’s such a powerful word. Whenever any body tells themselves “I can’t” it creates this weakness throughout their body that limits their ability to perform at their best. I hear it a lot. So much so that I have made it  rule number 1 in my sessions- NO USE OF THE WORD “CAN’T” IN MY CLASS. (Rule number 2 is no pushups on your knees, but that’s another story.) I heard it this morning during our “Killer Core and Cardio workout”. One of my clients was having trouble with a V-sit, “I CAN’T” she said. “Yes, you CAN” I replied, and guess what? She could!!

Our minds are a very powerful tool in helping us push outside our comfort zones. I found myself outside my comfort zone the other day on a 20km run. (I’m an endurance runner.) At about the 16km mark I heard that negative voice in my head say “This is hurting, I will just stop at 18km, no one will know”. But hang on, I will know, I tell people to push through the pain barrier, I will regret it if I stop, so suck it up and keep going!! So I got rid of that negative voice in my head and I kept going. Not only that, I pushed hard and finished with a sprint in that last 2kms. Boy, did I FEEL GOOD!!! But I could have given up, I could have said “I can’t,” I would have regretted it. No regrets, people. We need to live our lives to the full and push past the point of hurt so that our bodies do become stronger, so that our mind becomes stronger and we build a resilience to that so called pain barrier we are so fearful of.

Keep this quote in mind next time your ready to say “I can’t”;

“Wether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

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