Born To Run

I received a great question from one of my clients at bootcamp this morning (thanks Tanya), asking me about the best way to begin a running program. I was a little time poor, with people needing to get away, to give the full answer so hopefully this will help add to the information I gave you this morning.

As a personal trainer, runner and running coach, I often hear people say “I would love to be able to run- but I can’t”. As you know there is no such word as can’t, according to me, so I always ask people how they have attempted to achieve the feat of becoming a runner. Quite often people will go all out and run every day for two weeks, running as fast as they can while holding their breath until they collapse in a heap, throw their hands in the air and just give up because it’s all too hard or they’re injured. My first piece of advice is SLOW DOWN!! You can run a lot further if you slow the pace a bit. After all we were born to run. We are hunters, we are designed to run down our food. Although that has changed a little now with the invention of supermarkets and, dare I say it, the drive-through. If it comes through your window people, it’s not food!

Anyway back to the running. The best way to start is with a walk/run program. Find a loop nearby of about 3 or 4km and set yourself a goal of being able to run non stop around it. It may take you a few weeks or months depending on your commitment level. As I said start off  slowly concentating on your breathing and run as far as you can. Have a walking break and then when you are recovered run again until you need another walking break and so on……………… Each time you run (about 3 times per week) try and keep your running going a little further than the time before. Before you know it you will be linking up your loop and running the whole distance. Make sure you have rest days in between so you can recover and be strong for your next run.

Most of my clients who have been doing sessions with me have found it a lot easier to start a running program as they have already built up their stamina and cardiovascular fitness through pushing their bodies outside the comfort zone through our sessions. We are into week 5 of our Mt Clear boot camp and I heard the comment this morning “I had to run to catch up with one of my kids when I was out yesterday and I couldn’t believe that I was actually running and feeling ok”. There’s my reward, right there. I love hearing that I am making a difference in someones life. 

6 thoughts on “Born To Run

  1. What a change, I usually get mentioned on social media for my unhealthy activity. Thanks for the post about running. In my mind I’m a CAN’T person when it comes to running but I think you may have changed my thinking. Getting off Salt and Vinegar chips may be harder though…..

  2. Salt and vinegar chips..mmmmm..distracted! I just wanted to say I LOVE TO RUN – and that is thanks to Jac…and bootcamp..I’m one of the one’s who found running easier after participating in Jac’s classes for three months or so before even trying to run! Oh – and salt and vinegar flavoured rice crackers – are my treat and substitute for the potato version!

    1. Good one, Celeste. It’s always great when you can come up with a healthier option!!
      Glad your enjoying the running. It’s amazing what you can achieve with total commitment.
      You’re living testament to that girl 🙂

  3. Love the article Jac. I was one of those people that said ‘I cant run’. However that mind set changed this year. It has been great running with a group and being motivated by the people around you. I must say that running with people really helped me and just running at a slow pace. Never would have thought I would be able to run 12km. Cant wait to achieve my next goal of running 6km in 30min!!!

    1. It’s great to see you setting personal goals Leah. It’s an awesome way to keep you motivated and on track. Get onto the interval training to improve on your pace and that 30 min 6km will be yours. I will do a future post about interval training soon. Great running with you Leah 🙂

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