It’s All About You

Those that know me well know that I’m a fairly competitive person by nature. Which is probably a good attribute to have when you are a personal trainer. I find that I want all my clients to reach their full potential and get the best results possible by training with me. You see, I care about my clients and the results that they get, I see it as a reflection of how well I have trained them and given them the tools and information they need to get a positive outcome from the Crabtree Fitness experience. Unlike the sales person on the end of the phone when you ring up to order your “ab-circle pro”. They don’t care about your results, they only care about the cash and couldn’t care less if you store it under your bed and never use it- we all know what sort of results that leads to. NONE. These companies use emotional tricks and gimmicks to make money and as much money as they can. Those buffed guys and girls on the ad haven’t used the ab circle pro for 3 minutes a day to look like they do. They have followed a strict nutrition plan and worked their arse off in the gym. Anyway, getting back to my point for this post. Because I have that competitive spirit I was overcome by emotion this morning when my early morning boot-campers re-did their “21 Workout” for the second time in 6 weeks. Most of the crew were new to bootcamp and found it a whole new challenge the first time around. But repeating it today and seeing how much they had improved on their technique, fitness, stamina and overall finishing times was mind blowing. Each person put in 100% to finish way ahead (some people up to 8 minutes) of their previous times.

It shows that with consistency and  putting their bodies out there they were able to improve dramatically. Which is a great result unlike the one you would see from working on the ab-circle pro for 3 minutes a day.

Having a competitive nature I often compare myself to others. Like when I run the lake, I think “damn it Steve Monaghetti can run it much quicker than me”. But we should never compare ourselves to others. We need to think back and look at where we have come from and what we have achieved as individuals. My lake time is not so bad for me and that’s what I need to tell myself as I keep working hard to make those improvements  !! I often tell my campers “It’s all about you, don’t compare yourself to others, everyone has their own story”. And I could see that in my group today. Which makes me very proud of the results each individual achieved today. Well done guys keep up the awesome job you will go along way in reaching your health and fitness goals 🙂

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  1. Competitive you? No me? You? Me?…Ummmm maybe both of us??? hehehehe..Can only be a good thing can’t it?? Funnily enough I blogged about my competitive nature today too!!

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