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Back in October  I spoke to you guys about habit change(see my post “one habit”). Changing one small habit at a time, whether it was for improved nutrition, increased  fitness or just to enhance the quality of life, it needed to be something easy and measurable, which you were confident you could do.  The time has come to see how you are going with that new habit.

It takes around 6 to 7 weeks to form a new habit so the moment of truth has arrived. I spoke to my boot-campers today to see how they got along……. and the results were really positive. From giving up sugar in coffee, getting more sleep, eating healthier lunches, giving up smoking, eating smaller portions, giving up chocolate (that’s a hard one) and even sticking with bootcamp for that 7 weeks is a positive habit change. From here all those who have had success with this can now form another new habit (keep working at the first habit if you’re not completely in control of it just yet). The same rules apply. It still needs to be clear, measurable and specific.  Be confident you can do it!

As we adopt these new habits one by one, it becomes easier and we become stronger willed.  We become empowered by the fact that we achieved these small changes that we assumed we needed as part of our every day life. And small changes can do big things in leading us towards our long term goals in life.

These are the people forming new habits,  improving the quality of life and contributing to the health and well being of their future. Today we smashed out my “leg demolisher/fat metaboliser” workout. The intensity and determination was awesome throughout this session. It’s a tough’n but a good’n!!!!

I worked my Buninyong campers  so hard  I had little opportunity for photos. This is them exhausted at the end. Beautiful work guys!!!














Good job early morning Mt Clear campers 🙂   🙂

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