How To Stay Motivated

Sometimes in life we choose to take the easy road. We may have the choice to go camping or to stay in a 5 star resort. 5 star resort wins for me, it’s easier with four kids. The choice could be between cooking a four course gourmet meal or a simple chicken salad. Chicken salad it is (it’s quick, easy and nutritious). Or we may have the option to sit on the couch with a block of chocolate as opposed to get up and go and do a workout. And this is where I will always take the hard road. You see, I’m motivated to exercise. I love it, I enjoy it- it’s an important part of my life. It makes me feel energised and I’m motivated to do it any day, anytime. But not all people are intrinsically motivated like me (I have been called a freak by some). Most people require an extrinsic motivation….something to force them out to exercise. 

As you read this you maybe be wondering which category you fall into. Well, if you are one of those people who can easily find an excuse as to why you shouldn’t go out and do that workout then you fall onto the latter.

If you can just drop everything so you can do your session or are upset when you miss a session for reasons out of your control then you are intrinsically motivated like me.

By choosing the easy road and sitting on the couch it actually makes everything else harder. We don’t get any fitter by sitting on the couch, so when we try and keep up with the kids, walk that flight of stairs or run for the bus- it’s hard. You see, by choosing the hard road of exercise we are actually complementing other aspects of our lives and making it much easier.

We’ve all heard that to make a big change, motivation must come from inside. We all need a “reason why” -a real purpose and a sense of why losing fat and getting in shape is important to us. But sometimes you need extra motivation to actually get off your butt. You need a big motivator that pushes you into action. And with my boot camp having a break at the moment there is no time like now to find one to get you up and do your workout off your own steam. 

It needs to be something for you….something that will easily motivate you to exercise!

I’m listing below some things that I have come up with as motivation, but feel free to come up with one of your own.

-to be a great role model to my kids

-to be fit and healthy when I’m older so I can enjoy my retirement

-to be fabulous at 30, 40, 50 or 60

-to reduce the risk of disease

-to look good in that bikini or mankini

-to keep up with my kids when they want to race through the park

-to improve my self esteem and body image

-I’m going to exercise with a friend so I don’t let her down

-I want to fit into that pair of jeans

-I want to improve on my beep test score

The rest is up to you. Make it something long term. Losing weight for a wedding is a short term thing, as once the wedding is over what motivates you to exercise then?

So for those of you on a break from boot camp, find your motivator and get out this week and do some of those workouts I handed out before Christmas. Maybe you could use the beep test results as your motivator as we WILL be doing it first session back for block 1-2013. Happy exercising and remember I am always on your shoulder to motivate you. You CAN do it!




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