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It is great to see a lot of clients take on board all the information I gave out about protein last week, but just let me reasure some of you that may have a preconceived idea that increasing protein intake will make you bulky or fat. Actually, that is one of the biggest misconceptions about protein when you think about fitness and fat loss.

You have to change this mindset if you want to be fit and lose body fat. Therefore, you must understand how protein intake keeps you fit and lose fat.

Proteins are macro nutrients composed of lengthy chains of amino acids that is essential for the proper function and growth of our body. For women, proteins build muscles without bulking up and that helps to burn more fat, quickly.

When you start out on a fat loss journey you will take a decision to limit your food intake and do more exercise. It is not practical as a beginner. You will probably keep this up for a couple of weeks, until it all gets too hard and you are craving your comfort foods.

Proteins help to avoid this situation. Protein intake controls your appetite and you will get a feeling of fullness in your belly. That helps to limit your food intake.  One more thing to consider for fat loss is that protein intake alone will not be the magical answer.

You have to consume low GI carbohydrates (veggies and wholegrains), less saturated fats and high intensity exercise needs to be part of the equation. (check the chart from last week for more detail on foods that contain protein). You must include these foods in your diet.

Protein intake without exercise is dangerous. Proteins help to lose fat only if it breaks down well. So a good exercise routine will help you to break down the proteins you took in will help you to burn more fat, quickly.

Understand the value of proteins in the fitness process, keeping up your high intensity bootcamp or PT sessions will give you a fit body, a larger muscle mass and will help you work towards your fat loss goals.

Nic shared this recipe with me last week and I wanted to share it with you. I came across a rice mix that contains quinoa at Safeway which contains 30% more protein than brown rice alone so it was the perfect recipe to try this week. I added the chicken (500g pre cooked tenderloins) and only added the sauce for taste, the quantity seemed a bit excessive to me. And I used spinach instead of basil.

A reminder to Mt Clear that there is no bootcamp because of Anzac day on Thursday. It will be on Friday morning at Emmaus instead. A special WhooHoo to all those who got soaked this morning in the rain. You guys are champions!!

Rice lunchbox

rice lunch salad

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