Hungry For Change

Today, I’m sharing with you something a little different. The link below is a youtube clip to the trailer for Hungry For Change. This documentary not only highlights the dangers of eating crap but also shows us the tricks that the food companies use to get us to continue to eat this crap. It explains why we have become so addicted to fat, salt and sugar, and why the world is being crushed by obesity. Believe me, you will never look at a Diet Coke in the same way again! This link runs for about 4 minutes. I have downloaded the whole documentary and have a copy of the DVD on its way for anyone who would like to view it in its entirety. You can somehow watch it all on youtube in parts but that was way to complex for me to figure out. The whole documentary goes for about 90 minutes. If you think I’m a “spoil sport” for highlighting healthy eating and suggesting you eat less garbage, then these guys must be classified as total “party poopers”!

If this link doesn’t work for you just google “youtube Hungry For Change trailer”.

Junk Grave

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