Food Is Fuel

The flyer I’m posting today is one of the first flyers I handed out to my groups after I qualified nearly 2 years ago. It’s in really simple point form and is still the format I base my nutritional information on now. You also get a bonus post workout protein meal on the bottom to keep with our theme this term.

“Food is fuel”

*We need to think of food as a fuel source

*Eating every 2 to 4 hours keeps metabolism firing

*When we get hungry we make poor choices

*Does emotion beat logic when you eat???

*When our bodies go into starvation mode we end up storing more body fat

*Always think- Is this nutrient rich food?

*Carbs and good fats are our energy source

*Protein is for repair

*Eat protein and carbs post exercise to keep energy levels high and repair

*Beware the media portray eating junk food as being normal $$$$$$$$

Post exercise smoothie

In a blender add ~1/2 cup low fat milk ~2 tablespoons of low fat and sugar yoghurt ~1 tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese ~mixed frozen berries~1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds ~banana(optional)

This is high in protein, contains good fats and carbsLong term goalsWork hard this week, everyone, with our outcome measures. The beep test is just around the corner………be afraid, very afraid!!!

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  1. Thanks Jackie. Wow 2 yrs – that’s fantastic!! Its great for us having you in Buninyong; sooo don’t like having to travel into town. Thanks for all your fabulous work and effort which continues to inspire us. Have a lovely week and I hope to be there next Monday; quick change over for me on Thursday-finish night shift to go straight into afternoon shift….. Kind regards Vicky McDonald. :))

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