Jaffa Muffins

You guys all know how passionate Paul and I are about our exercise. Who else takes boxing gear, kettle bells and dumbbells on holiday with them? Any chance we get we love to smash out a run or a workout. I guess that passion has led us to do what we do. Every session we share some of that with you guys.

But, here’s the deal- I don’t have a passion for food or cooking. I love to eat healthy food, don’t get me wrong, the desire is just not there to create marvellous master pieces. The last few weeks I have been looking to social media for some inspiration and ideas. Some of the recipes I post usually come from somewhere else and I just put my own spin on it to make it healthier or more appealing. So it came as a surprise the other day when I just started grabbing ingredients from the pantry and created my own innovative muffin recipe.

I didn’t really keep track of quantities or measurements on this, I just kept adding stuff until I had the right consistency. I know this will freak some of you out, but hey, let’s live on the edge a little people!


Rind and juice of 1 orange

2 mashed bananas

Cocoa powder

Wholemeal spelt flour (had this in the pantry and wanted to try it) or wholemeal SR flour

Baking soda (omit if using SR flour) dissolve in boiling water

Pepita seeds

Sunflower seeds

Chia seeds

2 eggs

Macadamia oil or olive oil if you want a NUT FREE version

Honey (optional for sweetness)

Mix all the ingredients and spoon into patty pans sprayed with olive oil in your muffin tray.

Note that this is nut free if you use olive oil instead of macadamia oil. You could also use quinoa flour instead for a gluten free recipe.Jaffa muffins

This recipe is full of healthy fats, the seeds and oil will give you a good dose of healthy fat. These are great for the lunch box or to take to work to ward of hunger and cravings in that mid afternoon lull.

As I was driving home earlier today, I noticed litter strewn all across the street, as I often do. This really bothers me. What annoys me more is that fact that this sort of rubbish usually has a big yellow M on it’s packaging.  I’m not one to line the pockets of this company but I came up with an idea for them. It goes in letter form something like this;litter

Remember, EAT CLEAN and TRAIN HARD 🙂

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