Dream, Believe, Achieve…

It’s been such an inspiring and rewarding weekend.  Personal training is such a rewarding job on most days. We get to see people reach milestones they never thought possible on a regular basis. You would think this would be mundane and not get us that excited  after being in the game for a few years. But we continually get blown away by the results and outstanding performances by our crew.

Saturday morning social running is the cherry on top of our week. I had a chat to our beginner runners after their run this week about determination, mental attitude and reaching for the stars through the empowerment they get from achieving things they never dreamed possible. If had said to them just go out and “run 4.5kms” a few months ago they would have told me, rather politely, to “get lost”. But with a little motivation and positive re-enforcement they gathered their heads together, stuck together as a group and just ran. I believed that they could,  so they believed that they could, and they did!

Receiving grateful and thankful messages for being there to support you guys is the best present any personal trainer can get. Just knowing that some of these guys went home to get congratulatory hugs from their family hits the sweet spot for us. Determination and mental attitude is the driving force behind any success story. You are our motivation and inspiration.

With fitness testing starting this week, everyone needs to draw on some inner strength and positive thinking to make improvements. You have done the hard work, now its time for your reward. But sometimes motivation and inspiration can be hard to find. Sit back, relax and watch this guy’s amazing journey which was achieved through his mental ability to just KEEP GOING!

We are in the middle of putting  a little clip together of our own success story. Watch this space, it’s to be released next year.

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