What Do Personal Trainers Eat?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to see their personal trainer in the supermarket. I quite often see the back of my clients heads as they run the opposite direction for fear of being caught out with crap in their trolleys. The thing is, you guys only have to worry about seeing myself or Paul in the supermarket, we have to worry about SEEING ALL OF YOU GUYS. We have over 100 clients at the moment and our chances of getting caught out with crap are much higher. But never fear, we have discovered a relaxing way to shop, DON’T BUY CRAP in the first place. If it’s not there you can’t eat it. The other way around this is to strategically place all the crap at the bottom of the trolley and all the good stuff on the top in case you run into us. (as shown below)…………lol.GroceriesSo, if the fear of being caught out is a burden, I have included my weekly shopping dockets on this post to give you an insight as to what is in our fridge/pantry and to give you some ideas on what to throw in your trolley next time you shop. Keep in mind that there are six of us in our house so the quantities are a little higher than if you would be shopping as a singleton. There are nine litres of milk in this trolley but that probably won’t last the week at our house, especially since Paul brought a coffee machine!!

I tend to shop at both Aldi and Safeway as Aldi has a limited range of “health foods” and its too expensive to do the whole shop at Safeway with a family of six. Safeway has a great health food section. We try and get to the farmers markets and Wilson’s Fruit and Veg about once a month for that extra variety as well.

Hopefully you can make sense of the abbreviations on the dockets and that this helps you to make some healthy choices on your next trip to the supermarket. Remember to shop thinking that you could run into us at anytime. That means no TIM-TAMS people!!AldiSafewayPlease note, I got caught out with the McKenzies coconut flakes. I usually buy our flakes from the farmers market but saw these when I was in Safeway. I quickly threw them in my trolley without checking the nutrition information only to discover when eating my coconut, raspberry Chobani that evening that there was 38g of sugar per 100g added to the coconut!! It went straight in the bin and off to the farmers market I went. It pays to check before you buy!!

This was just this weeks shop and obviously there is a broader selection of foods that we have on rotation but it might just give you some inspiration for your trolley.

Keep your eyes and ears out later this week for an announcement of a new venture for Crabtree Fitness Professionals as we build on our empire. Exciting times ahead!!

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