2013 Transformations at Crabtree Fitness

Drumroll please…………….Let us introduce to you some amazing transformations of Crabtree Fitness Professionals clients for 2013.

We have witnessed some amazing results this year. The truly inspirational people to appear here have worked extremely hard on their fitness and nutrition over the last twelve months. Here are our transformees and their story, in their own words;

BIANCAbiancaMy journey to a healthy life began when I stepped on the scales and saw a number I couldn’t have imagined.  An ad in the school newsletter for “Mum’s Bootcamp” was the start I needed.  Just turning up for the first session was one of the toughest moments I have faced.  Six months later the toughest moment I face is choosing what weight to lift!

The nutritional information given at bootcamp has helped me change my eating habits and not only did I lose weight, I increased my energy levels and it has given me more confidence.  My fellow bootcampers tell me I have a glow that can only come from putting the right food in my body.

Finally, the friendships I have made with those who sweat with me, keep me coming back.  The bonds I have formed with these people make working out fun.  What can be better than that?

NICnicOver 12 months ago I wasn’t looking after myself properly or finding time to fit fitness into my busy working mum life. I decided enough was enough and I needed to make changes and improve my health and fitness.

So I talked 2 girlfriends into coming along with me to Crabtree Fitness Professionals Bootcamp. We go twice a week and WE LOVE it! I’ve met an amazing group of people who I love working out with. We have lots of laughs, I talk too much and get in trouble 😉 but it’s always lots of fun and is a great way to start the day!

In addition to all this new found exercise and fitness I have been making changes to my diet. Jac is wonderful with advice and information on what to try or changes to make. With her support and suggestions coupled with all the exercise I have lost 12kg since starting with Crabtree Fitness Professionals.

I cannot recommend Crabtree Fitness Professionals enough. I am fitter, stronger, happier, healthier, and more energetic but most importantly I am being a positive role model for my 2 gorgeous young girls.  Whenever people ask me what I have been doing to make such significant changes to my appearance, I proudly tell them where I go and what I do,  all the while blushing because I am still not used to getting comments and compliments on the way I look. If you had of asked me at the beginning of all of this, would I see myself in love with exercising, I probably would have laughed at you!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou Jac and Paul, I really couldn’t have done it without you!

LouelleAs a ‘lazy runner’ for over 10 years I didn’t push myself outside my comfort zone and it showed.  I initially started running with the Crabtree Fitness Social Running Group and then joined their Bootcamp. I started to see improvements within weeks.  My fitness level increased, I saw the shape of my body change and as a result my first love, running, improved.  I recently achieved the ultimate running goal which I would never have thought possible for me, I ran a marathon.

I began my journey with Jackie and Paul two and a half years ago. Before that I had no desire to exercise, let alone get a sweat up. My wife encouraged me to improve my quality of life and join bootcamp. So I did. It wasn’t what I expected, there was no yelling and screaming or forcing you to do things that put you in danger of injury and I certainly didn’t expect it to be such a  friendly and social atmosphere.

Since then I have never looked back. The support and encouragement given by Jackie and Paul has improved my quailty of life ten fold. I am fitter, I am stronger but most of all I am a great role model to my kids. I’m no longer the dad who gets home from work and sits down on the couch with a few cans of Jim.  In fact I hate to admit it but I’m now addicted to exercise.

AMBERamber b aI started with Crabtree Fitness Professionals attending bootcamp in February 2013.  I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, as I didn’t need to.  I did it to get fit, tone up and have more energy to keep up with my family.  I have achieved a lot in these months and now I can fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to for a long time.  My body is a lot more toned now and I even have the start of a 6 pack!!!  I am not feeling as tired anymore and have so much more energy to run around with my kids for much longer. I have also started running – I can now run 6km. I go to the Mum’s bootcamp – Jackie is fantastic and full of support in both nutrition and exercise.  I can also take along my 4 year old – no excuse not to exercise now!!

MICHELLEMichelle B & AI used to be inconsistent with my nutrition and my exercise.  I felt unmotivated, tired and uncomfortable in my clothes. After joining Crabtree Fitness this all changed.  I am now consistent in both my nutrition and exercise.  I now feel energetic, fit, fast and fabulous.

Congratulations to EVERYONE on a fabulous year here at Crabtree Fitness Professionals. We are so proud of you all!!

Jackie and Paul 🙂

*We really appreciate the fact that our clients allowed us to use their before images as well as showcasing their motivational after images, which were taken by the very talented Celeste from http://ourgirlyworld.wordpress.com/

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