Our Top 5 Fat-loss Tips


Our parents told us this everyday as we ran out the door to catch the bus on an empty stomach. They were right! Breakfast kick starts our metabolism and keeps our energy levels up throughout the morning. Without breakfast we’re sluggish and our bodies go into starvation mode, storing as much fat as they can because that’s what they do in times of famine. Start the day with a protein rich breakfast and you will ward off the mid afternoon/evening cravings! A healthy breakfast does not include Nutrigrain, Fruitloops or any sugary cereal. Eggs are a fantastic option at breakfast, along with home made muesli or porridge with berries, nuts and seeds added!lifestyle


Getting between 6-8 hours of sleep a night not only benefits our mental alertness and mood, it boosts our immune system and that’s when our bodies repair themselves and build lean muscle, and lean muscle burns more calories at rest. The less time spent in bed asleep the less time the body has to achieve all these functions. Turn off the TV, get off social media and go to bed early. Early to bed, early to rise.


This is a no brainer. If you are going to make any changes to your nutrition do this first. Give up all sugary drinks- THEY ARE THE DEVIL! Do not waste calories on sugary drinks, save them for your food. This not only reduces body fat it reduces your risk of disease including type 2 diabetes. Drink 2 litres of water per day, more when its hot and when exercising.drink more water


You will often hear us say though a workout “the higher the intensity the more fat you will burn”. This is true. There’s no point turning up for a workout and staying inside the comfort zone. Get the most calorie burn and smash it! Results here at Crabtree Fitness have shown that those who consistently show up to our bootcamp sessions gain the best fat-loss results.  sweat


It’s pretty simple. EAT LESS CRAP!!! Cut out the processed food and include nutrient rich whole foods in your daily regime. The bulk of our diets should be…..plant based products, dairy and lean meats. If it comes out of a packet or through your car window it’s not nutrient rich, even if it contains lettuce and has green on the packaging. Consistency here is key.shitty food

We’re not bullshitting you, we say, we do and its working out ok for us!

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