Food Diary Check………Granola Recipe

We have been working on our food diaries for a few weeks now. This is usually the time when it starts to get a bit hard sticking to the clean eating/eating healthy plan. Consistency is key here guys. Be consistently good and results will follow.

How does yours measure up to the ideal? What is the ideal? Well, “the ideal food diary” would include some of the things listed below;

An adequate breakfast packed full of protein, especially if you’ve just done bootcamp (a couple of pieces of fruit or toast is not enough breakfast).

You should be eating quality food every 2-3 hours, 5 or 6 hours between meals is too long. Our bodies run out of steam and then we tend to overeat when we do eat if we go too long between meals.

Are you getting plenty of veggies and salad in? Not just lettuce and tomato, go the whole hog and include a variety of veg and salad everyday. Grab something different to try every time you stock up in the fruit and veg section on your weekly shop.

Are you including nuts, seeds and whole-grains in your diet? These are a great source of protein and contain good fats for energy production. If you are still eating “white” products try and make the swap to brown (brown bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta- the browner the better), avoid white foods they are highly processed and are quickly stored as fat if not used by the body immediately.

Are you limiting the amount of processed crap? The less human interference the better!

Are you drinking at least 2 litres of water per day? Please avoid softdrinks, diet drinks and juices, get your calories from food.

Aim to include mostly whole, nutrient rich foods in your food diary. Go through and highlight the foods that aren’t, at the end of each week. It should be at least an 80/20 ratio (80 being nutrient rich). If your percentages are out  it’s up to you to alter your intake to improve your percentages as each week passes. YOU CAN DO THIS.


The following recipe can be used as a breakfast cereal, a topping for yoghurt, a snack on the run or just something to keep on hand to stop you heading to the vending machine for that snickers bar. I made the recipe up this week with the ingredients I had in my pantry (except for the rice bran).

GRANOLA/MUESLI/CEREALgranola ingredients

I used half a cup of the ingredients above apart from the linseeds, I used a quarter of a cup. From left to right the ingredients are; dried cranberries, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, chia seeds, flaked almonds, goji berries, quinoa flakes, rolled oats, walnuts and rice bran. ( omit the oats if you want it to be gluten free)

Mix all the ingredients apart from the dried fruit with 4 tablespoons (or less if you don’t like it too sweet) of melted coconut nectar spread (Safeway, asian section next to the coconut oil). Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and place in the oven at 160 degrees for 20 to 30 mins, turning so it browns. Remove from oven to cool and add dried fruit. I also added some extra oats and quinoa to make it go further, as well as some sultanas. Store in an air tight container. This is mine mixed with Chobani Yoghurt and berries. D-E-L-I-S-H!!Ganola yoghurt

Next Monday is the Labour Day holiday. There will be NO bootcamps at 6.15am in Mt Clear or 9am Buninyong. We will still be holding our 7.15pm session at the soccer oval in Buninyong. Feel free to come along in the evening or make up for your session on one of the mornings or daytime sessions you don’t normally attend. Have a great week, train hard and eat clean!

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