Snacking Simply (K.I.S.S.)

Often when people decide to lose weight and “get healthy” the first thing they do is drop the snacks from the menu. This is a really good idea if the snacks are hedgehog, snickers bars or the trusty salt and vinegar chips.

But what we sometimes fail to recognise, though, is the fact that eating less is not always the pathway to optimum results. It is important that we eat every 2-3 hours to prevent our bodies from slowing down to conserve what little energy we have left from the lack of fuel. More importantly healthy snacking will also prevent us from eating more or binging later in the day.

If we can prevent ourselves from getting hungry by snacking on healthy convenient foods we will be on the right track to getting healthy and staying that way.

The snacks listed below are on rotation with us, usually as a mid morning/afternoon snack as well as in the evenings.

Nuts/seeds/dried fruit is probably the most convenient snack for those on the run or for throwing together quickly in the morning. I usually have a stash in a sandwich bag in the car to prevent those lunchtime hunger pains sneaking up on me.nuts and dried fruit

Chobani Yoghurt with Berries, Chia, Nuts and Coconut Flakes

Just layer this one up. It’s great for when strawberries are in season or just use frozen berries. Make it before work and the berries will be thawed in time for snack. This one pictured below was made usising chia pudding which is one part chia seeds to 2 parts coconut/almond milk soaked for a couple of hours (made separately).chia pudding








Simple fruit plate with nuts The most basic of snacks and fairly self explanatory!

fruit plate







Savoury Snacks

savoury snacks

Something Sweet……….Raspberry Slice/Muesli Slice/Carrot Quinoa Muffins/Jaffa Muffins/Berry Muffins/Protein Balls  These recipes can all be found under the recipe tab. Cook up a batch on the weekend or when you have a spare 20 minutes and store them in the freezer for a ready to go healthy snack. Please watch your portion size on these! One muffin or one piece of slice is ample to keep you going through until your next main meal. Freeze them separately in sandwich bags to help control your portions.Chocolate raspberry sliceMuesli Barquinoa muffins cJaffa muffinsmuffinsProtein Balls with Green Tea

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