Lunches, T-shirts and Miss Muddy

So far this term we have been keeping you on the straight and narrow with our K.I.S.S. breakfasts and snacks. Today, it’s lunchtime.

We have salads, soups, wraps, eggs and leftovers on rotation at our place. Here are some ideas for a simple healthy lunch for your place or your work place. Remember, its all about being organised. Pictured below are our Chicken Quinoa Soup, Scrambled eggs and a toasted wrap which are all ideal winter warmers. Thanks to Alan for sharing his Veggie and lentil soup recipe. You will find them all under the recipe tab.quinoa soupScrambled














wholegrain wrap








lentil soup








Here are the ingredients for a yummy chicken salad including the dressing.salad








As most of you are aware, we are getting some T-shirts printed up for next term and will be taking orders until the end of this week. Make sure you try one on and get your size and preference down on the list. The cost for a shirt will be $15. A few of you guys have decided to get a couple of shirts, which is fine, but as we are pitching in for half the cost of the shirts a second shirt will be $30 (2 for $45, still a bargain). Thanks goes to Matty from SporzBiz for helping us out with these good quality shirts that will wear well. Can’t wait to see them all printed up and covered in sweat!!

A few of the girls are to throwing a team together for the MISS MUDDY event at The Novotel in Creswick at the end of November. We are crashing the party and anyone from Crabtree Fitness wanting to join in the fun can find all the details here   If you’re up for the challenge, when you enter, the team name is “What the Fit” with a wave start time of 10.15am……….. sorry boys, women only!! It looks like an absolute blast and fantastic to have such a wonderful event so close to home.





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