Thank-you For Our Red Balloon Experience

Thank-you to all our generous bootcampers who put in at Christmas last year and rewarded us with vouchers for a Red Balloon experience. We had the opportunity to take the experience yesterday with the help of some dedicated baby sitters for our kids, thanks to Cam and Bianca and Celeste, without you it wouldn’t have been possible!!

So what extreme adventure did we choose? Jumping out of a plane was probably the most death defying choice and the choice that was running through the heads of those who purchased the vouchers. We look pretty terrified don’t we? red balloon sky dive


Well, obviously we didn’t choose skydiving! red balloon balloon

Or a hot air balloon!red balloon helicopter

Or a hell ride on a helicopter!

We decided upon a  less death defying  “Spa Indulgence Package” at a tranquil resort just a short drive away in Hepburn Springs.

This was an absolute luxury for us and probably one of the most relaxing things we have ever done. Time a way for us usually involves countless exercise, keeping kids entertained and rushing from one place to another.

Upon our arrival we made our way to the resort pool and spa where we took many of our endless selfies!red balloon pool

We returned to our room to be greeted by our masseurs for an hour long massage together (apparently my body was loaded with metabolic waste, as it had been years since my last massage!!) Paul is still recovering from his “firm” massage!

We ventured into Daylesford for an exquisite dining experience and retuned to our room where we were really naughty!red balloon cake


We ate cake and read trashy magazines!!red balloon resort

After a devine sleep in the extra king size bed we strolled down stairs for a buffet breakfast! We finished our time away with a coffee stop at a cafe in Daylesford.

We can’t express our gratitude enough, this truly was an experience and one that we will never forget!

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