Easy Healthy Snack Ideas


We haven’t talked nutrition for a while, so I thought I would get on your back again as we wind our way back into bikini/mankini season. It is important that we take on fuel at regular intervals throughout the day to keep our metabolism firing, our energy levels up and to prevent us from overeating when we are starving later on in the day. Below are some easy protein packed snack ideas to take to work or grab from the fridge/pantry in a hurry.


1. Greek Yoghurt

2. Hard Boiled Egg

3. Hommus Dip with Veg

4. Dried Fruit/Nuts (just a handful)

5. Dates with natural Peanut Butter

6. Sliced Apple with cheese

7. Pre-soaked oats/chia seeds (in coconut/almond milk) add berries for flavour

8. Tinned tunaless from

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