Crabtree Nutrition Coaching Results

We set out on a journey 6 months ago to change the habits and lifestyles of these four beautiful ladies. With the full support of our nutrition coaching program they were able to transform themselves into fit, healthy and empowered women. This was not done on a 12 week plan of calorie restriction and expensive supplements, we gave these women the skills to change their lives for the better, for good!

crop final


Sara lost a total of 19kg and 80cm of her frame through our coaching program. Accountability and sustainable habit changes without all the guilt led to the amazing results, something she has never achieved before. Sara’s journey continues toward her goal with our full support.



Our figure/fitness competitor Celeste is looking amazing! Her comp prep has consisted of a “gains” stage where we increased her calories and altered her training. This resulted in a 6 kg gain of lean muscle. The second stage was the “shred” stage where she has gone from 23% body fat  down to 10% body fat. Celeste has lost close to 9kg of body fat. She still has 5 weeks to go until her comp, we will keep you updated with how she goes strutting her stuff.

celeste 2


Sharee has lost 11.5kg on the nutrition coaching program in the last 6 months which brings her total weight loss with us to 22kg in the last 14 months. After Sharee hit a plateau with her weight loss, the nutrition coaching program was the perfect system to keep her on path to her goal. Food education has been the key for Sharee, the more she learned the more confident she became. Another 50cm (85cm total loss) has been lost from her frame. Sharee and her family now have the tools they need to live a long and healthy life.sharee2


sharee b a


For Bianca it was never going to be about the scales, it was a gain in strength and muscle mass that she was seeking. Coaching Bianca to alter her nutrition and training has given her the confidence to wear bathers and shorts in public, something she hasn’t done in a long time. She can also now complete pull ups, an ambition of hers since she started training with us.sank


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