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We are here to motivate you when you need it most! Over winter we tend to just go through the motions of trying to eat well and trying and workout consistently. But Springtime is a time for serious action and accountability to pick things up a notch. Let us take charge and give you the tools, inspiration and knowledge to make shit happen!

Are you ready to take your workouts seriously and create a healthy relationship with food? If the answer is no-stop reading and go back as you were. If you answered yes and change is on your agenda, jump on board with the Crabfit 11 Week Fitness Challenge!

This is not a quick fix, you need to commit and work hard! Our common sense approach to health and fitness may make this challenge just right for you!

Our Fitness challenge is NOT a weight-loss challenge and we do not claim you will lose weight fast, we are not setting you up for unrealistic results that would be unsustainable. This about health and fitness, accountability, awareness, but most of all, it’s about us, as fitness professionals, giving you the correct, unbiased advice that allows you to make choices with informed and accurate information at your finger tips, without the use of expensive, unnecessary supplements! Hold yourself accountable and let us motivate you to change your mindset toward food and fitness!

What is involved in the challenge?

The 11 week package includes….

-Crabtree group fitness sessions (Mt Clear & Buninyong) Please check the group fitness tab on the menu for a timetable and locations.

-at home virtual workouts

-7 minute at home butt & ab workouts

-FREE weekend mountain hike (once per month)

-nutrition guidelines

-recipe Ebook

-example weekly menu plan

-mini weekly challenges (no sugar, core challenge etc…)

How does it work? Easy. Once you make a decision and your ready, willing and able, send us an email ( ) or sign up at one of our group fitness classes (if you’re already a member).You need to sign up to a minimum of 2 group fitness sessions per week. This gives you access to our protected content on our website including all the at home workouts, recipes and nutrition tips. Each week we will provide you with an example menu plan and shopping list (we do not provide gluten free, vegan, paleo, fodmap or any other dietary special needs options, please seek the advice of a clinical dietician or adapt the recipes to your choice of culinary flair). All the meals on the plan will be included in our recipe Ebook ( which we will send to you in week one) or on our website.

The food won’t be…….  low carb, don’t eat after 5pm, only eat green vegetables and chicken, only eat foods starting with the letter B. Included are simple and easy to replicate at home recipes for your entire family. There will be WINE, there will be DARK CHOCOLATE, there will be the freedom to enjoy the things that are important to you, all things in moderation, of course!

We will also be setting aside some time to take optional waist and hip measurements at the start of the challenge and also an optional weigh-in for extra accountability. There will be a stress free fitness testing component that will also measure your progress.

How much does it cost? The price is $28 per week for 11 weeks paid upfront at the start of the challenge for unlimited group fitness sessions, ALL INCLUSIVE or $22 per week for 11 weeks paid up front for 2 group fitness sessions per week, ALL INCLUSIVE

All new members to Crabtree Group Fitness also receive a free Kettle Bell!

Don’t regret it, once you’re on your way you won’t need to think hard about food and fitness, we do all thinking and planning for you, you just require the commitment! Take control and live a healthy life without the guilt and anxiety that is often created by quick fix diets and unrealistic images on social media. This is REAL. This is SIMPLE. This will be ENJOYABLE.

STARTS OCTOBER 9th and runs until Christmas! Sign up today. Contact Jackie at or Ph 0431466409
















Having twin tweens, it has been brought to our attention that in this day and age of iPads and mobile phones our teenage girls also need a bit of accountability!

Now that winter sport is over our girls need to get up off the couch and get active in a fun and friendly environment. There’s no better way to get active and be educated on nutrition and create a healthy mindset toward food and fitness. In the age of social media our girls are being subjected to unrealistic expectations and filtered images of perfection. This often leads to poor body image and low self esteem!

We’re here to set the record straight and give them real and sustainable advice to help them make the correct choices as they grow into happy, healthy and confident young women!

Girls, get a group of your friends together and come and experience the joys of exercise with Crabtree Fitness. 

















In term 4 each year we have a blast with our little people. We love kids bootcamp and the joy that it brings to their faces! Its on agin in 2017, sign your kids up today! It’s fun, its family friendly and its affordable. Send us an email to or text 0431466409 or sign up at a group fitness session

TERM 4, 2017


3.45PM -> 4.30PM




$50 or CAPPED @ $90 PER FAMILY

Current working with children check and VIT teacher registration, Cert 3 & 4 in fitness, Cert Nutrition Coach

So there you have it guys, it’s a fully loaded spring for Crabtree Fitness. All bases are covered! Contact us to sign up today!

Email or text 0431466409

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