Our Story…..Grant & Sarah

Our Story


Sarah- I joined  Crabtree Group Fitness group nearly 3 years ago, mostly to increase fitness rather than achieve a particular weight, size or shape.  As a smoker, mum of two and approaching 40, I was keen to make some positive changes.  I felt that I was active day to day but the lack of a structured fitness program, regime or activity, needed to change in order to feel positive about getting fitter…that and giving up smoking fairly quickly!

While joining the group was never about achieving a particular size, the benefits came quickly – new found strength, the emotional well-being gained from exercising hard and the aches in the days following the sessions felt good too!  We’ve all found muscles we didn’t know we had and the stress relief makes for a more effective mother, wife and nurse.  The friendships formed as part of the group are brilliant. While it’s not ONLY about the coffee at the end it is a nice way to finish a session.

Grant- I joined initially to increase my race fitness with mountain biking.  I was keen to exercise in a different manner rather than just on the bike. I was a in a pattern of training up for races and then doing nothing until the training commenced for next big race, which could be months apart.  Also, as a rider who concentrated on long races, I found I lacked the punchy speed needed for shorter races.  Bootcamp has provided an awesome all-round fitness alternative – its consistent, structured and fun!

The Crabtree approach to sustainable outcomes and lifestyle changes strongly resonates with us. We were never after a quick fix, rather a positive lifestyle change that we would maintain for the years to come.  Both of us relish the fact that we have strong and active children, we like to think that some part of this at least is due to the positive role models they are surrounded by.  The kids think it’s completely normal to head out for a 30km bike ride for fun or hike through the bush…..in fact, last weekend our family  hiked the Great Ocean Road walk, 70km in 4 days, carrying all of our equipment, all thanks to the fitness generated by our Crabtree attendance! Our lifestyle is a reflection of the Crabtree philosophy including balance, nutrition, exercise and community.   

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