Our Story…Gretel & Jamie



BALANCE, this would seem to be the best word to describe our Crabtree story. Balance in lifestyle, balance in family life, balance in dietary intake, and balance in fitness, all things we both have gained from our time with Crabtree fitness.

GRETEL- I had spent the best part of 2 decades caring for someone other than myself. My fitness after 4 children was well… non existent. I never really enjoyed “exercise” in fact the thought of running gave me shudders (still does really). It became apparent to me though that I should attempt to do something about my weight and fitness.

When I first returned to fitness I felt a little out of control (to the point of being obsessive) at one point. “Lose weight fast” was the approach I took! Looking back now, I was wrong in a lot of ways, which I am happy to admit now.

Something needed to change for me mentally!

A few friends from work had spoken about Crabtree Fitness and it was clear to see how much they enjoyed their sessions. The thought of a local fitness group with other mums appealed to me and I liked the idea I would be more community minded by trying this out, so I called Jackie and before long I was at my first session. I can safely say not one session has been exactly the same since!

After some time Jackie was able to get me to change my mindset (with BALANCE). Nutrition coaching was key in this. My mindset had to do a BIG shift. However, now as a result, I am happier, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I can accept that I am the mother of 4 children and that I have to set an example for them all to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The mums I have met constantly inspire me, some with their young toddlers and babies in prams, some even coming along while pregnant. The friendships that have been formed, the coffee dates, the walks with the dogs…. Community at its best.  So thank you Jackie and Paul for your hard work and dedication in helping our community see the world in a better way.

JAMIE- Sport was a massive part of my life from 12 to 20. It wasn’t until I was 40 that I took up sprint training. Although I had always had a strong focus on fitness I had let my work/life balance get out of alignment. Building a new business from the ground up meant something had to go and fitness just fell to the side.  After seeing how much Gretel loved it and to compliment my sprint training, to fill up my winter fitness, build on strength and condition myself a little better for my running, I joined Crabtree Fitness as well……and it worked! My sprint times have improved, even winning a gold medal in a 40 plus age group!

Paul and Jacki are great and double back as coaches and mentors as well. 

My message is, make sport part of your life, not just a flash in the pan, and as you get older keep up the intensity. Stay hard and stay hungry. It sets a great example to your kids and your health will thank you.

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