Term 4 Fitness Challenge

With the success of our fitness challenge last year, it’s back -bigger and better than ever!

Crabtree Fitness participants will have the opportunity to take part in the Simply Food & Fitness program at a discounted rate as a reward for being Crabtree members in Term 4. As part of our fitness challenge we’ll also be offering our weekend hikes again, as well as the fitness assessments (these are purely optional, I know some of you get a bit nervous about this!). AND as a bonus you’ll also receive hard copies of our Simply Great Workout Book when you take part in the challenge in Term 4.

We take pride in the fact that we only preach what we believe in! There’s no magic pills or supplements, no wraps or skinny teas, no starvation “diets” or the latest fad workout! We don’t supplement our income by selling you stuff you don’t need! We’ve been around long enough now to know what works and to know that focusing on being healthy is much better than any number on the scales!
That’s why we’ve put so much time and energy into developing the Simply Food & Fitness model. We’ve developed the model based on our Crabtree Fitness experiences from years gone by, our ongoing professional development through Precision Nutrition, having the wisdom of how to train smart and effectively, and an understanding of how difficult life can be making healthy choices while working hard and bringing up a family.
We’ve kept it Simple!
All you need to do to register is pop your name and preferred email address down on the sign up sheet at group fitness this week OR if you’re planning on returning from a break from us, shoot us an email with your intentions.  The SFF program will begin to be delivered to your inbox from October 1st (which is the middle weekend of the school holidays), there’s quite a bit of information to send out before the menus start on the first day of Term 4.
For more information on the Program you can visit https://crabtreefitness.com/simply-food-and-fitness/  or https://crabtreefitness.com/groupfitness/ for Term 4 prices locations and timetable.
See our flyer below for details of the challenge. We’ve also attached a flyer for the Simply Food & Fitness program that is available entirely online for anyone who can’t join us physically here at Crabtree Fitness.

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