The Secret to a Healthy Family

If you asked 10 random people to fill a shopping basket with healthy food from a supermarket, we believe nearly all of them could do it. So why then, do we find ourselves with an increasing obesity epidemic in Australia?

If we were to fast forward 20 or 30 years to our future self, we would know that that person would want us to eat a well-balanced healthy diet and enjoy regular exercise. Why then, are so many of us sedentary or not able to achieve the bare minimum of recommended exercise each week?

Our current self, it would appear, finds it difficult to make choices to help our long term desires. We would all like to be healthy and fit. But we have many, often very valid, excuses for not achieving this: must work to pay the mortgage, need to drive the kids around after work to all their activities, too tired, too stressed, so many issues to deal with! That is one of the driving reasons why we have developed our Simply Food and Fitness program.

Simply Food and Fitness is our approach to making food and fitness just that – simple. If we can find ways to simply incorporate healthy food and exercise into our lives, so simple in fact that we barely notice it, then we will get to that future self as a fit and healthy person, just as we want.

As part of our simply food and fitness program we have developed over 50 delicious, family friendly recipes and packaged them up into a beautiful book. Unlike a diet that helps you achieve a short term goal and then stop, our recipes help you incorporate healthy food for life. Our recipes can be incorporated into your life simply and easily. Simply Food and Fitness is a common sense strategy which helps you achieve permanent and lasting good health, without depriving yourself. Our recipes are really tasty and show that you don’t need to fill meals with loads of sugar and fat to be delicious.

Here is what some of our clients are saying about our recipes:

I love this book. Great recipes! I can finally eat delicious meals and snacks without that lingering feeling of guilt.

I have slowly introduced simply food and fitness recipes into my family’s mealtimes and I have been blown away by how popular they’ve been.

My five year old can’t get enough of the chicken burgers, they have become a staple in our weekly routine, and he doesn’t even realise they are packed with so many veggies – good result all round!

The Simply Food and Fitness recipe book is available for purchase and would make a lovely Christmas present. If you would like a copy please click here to purchase.

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