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We are real people giving real advice –  real food and real fitness in the real world.

We understand that people have pressures – kids, mortgage, work, etc and you can’t devote the day to finding some crazy type of exotic vegie that promises to cure everything. We understand that you can’t necessarily devote 4 hours a day to working out either. Our advice is for real world living.


The vast majority of fitness programs can set unrealistic goals and expectations. This is not a 12-week plan, its a lifetime plan. If you want a carved six pack gained by eating chicken and broccoli this is not the place for you!  These are long term solutions with simple lifestyle adaptations for real and lasting results.

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Are you sick of not being able to think of healthy ways to eat and feed your family in a way that’s simple and sustainable? Look no further!

We are a big family, there’s 6 of us, including four teenagers, there’s no time here for 25 step recipes that contain hard to source ingredients. We use simple, easy to replicate recipes that are made in big batches -there’s plenty of leftovers for lunches and those evenings you just “can’t be bothered”!


We have options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! Subscribe today to have unlimited access to all recipes!

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Are you bored with your workouts? Do you struggle for ideas? Are you a personal trainer using the same old workouts over and over again? Are your clients bored and
leaving you for the personal trainer down the road?
We have 27 years of industry experience and are renowned for our creativity and variety of workouts, with over 600 group fitness and personal training workouts in our archives we can’t wait to share some of them with you!
With workouts uploaded on a regular basis you will never run out of fresh ideas. Each workout has a short video explaining how the workout works and how to perform the exercises. There is also a downloadable workout card with each video. Here’s just a taste of what we have to offer…

(we are currently filming new workouts and our exercise library, this is a very early taste of what’s to come). Launching fully in 2018….

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