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Simply Food and Fitness is a lifetime plan that delivers health and well-being to participants through a simple approach to food and fitness.

We are real people giving real advice –  real food and real fitness in the real world.

We understand that people have pressures – kids, mortgage, work, etc and you can’t devote the day to finding some crazy type of exotic vegie that promises to cure everything. We understand that you can’t necessarily devote 4 hours a day to working out either. Our advice is for real world living.

The vast majority of fitness programs can set unrealistic goals and expectations. This is not a 12-week plan, its a lifetime plan. If you want a carved six pack gained by eating chicken and broccoli this is not the place for you!  These are long term solutions with simple lifestyle adaptations for real and lasting results.

SFF offers a 3-month plan for sustainable well-being.
It’s an education system for long term health.
All the resources are yours to keep forever, including countless healthy recipes,
plenty of workouts for the home, gym and the great outdoors. Our easy to follow
menu plans are simple, family friendly and a great way to get healthy and stay
healthy. With recipes and workouts added on a regular basis. You will never run
out of ideas for food or fitness again.
>Menu plans
>Menu planning templates
>Recipe ebook
>Nutrition guide
>Portion sizing charts
>Shopping list
>Staple ingredients list for your pantry
>Access to recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner &
>Virtual workouts (including our effective 8
minute ab, butt, kettlebell and cardio mini
>Access to our exercise library with detailed
teaching points to prevent injury
>Weekly support emails with nutrition tips &
>Our easy to follow nutrition tips are the key to a
successful transition of being healthy for life!