Nutrition Tips

Keep it simple, life is complicated enough without strict nutrition and workout rules….

Not eating breakfast or not eating enough early in the day……..A VERY common trend in unhealthy people is not eating enough early in the day… the problem is … if you eat a very small breakfast or none, you end up getting HUNGRY later in the day … and often eat stuff for comfort or emotion. Plan ahead…..for example, if you have a problem with late night snacking, eating a bigger breakfast/lunch might help fill you up and make it so you’re not so hungry after dinner and grazing on all the snack foods in your cupboard while you watch TV. Eat more, early in the day, to curb your cravings at night and stay on point. Fad diets and gimmicks can have you eating too LITTLE! In an effort to eat healthy and cut calories, often you’re encouraged to eat too LITTLE. This might be hard to believe – as you’ve been conditioned to eat less to lose weight and be healthy. BUT…. we also need the way we eat to be SUSTAINABLE. If you drop, to say, 1000 calories below what you normally eat… and you’re STARVING from the minute you get up in the morning … that’s not going to last. Willpower will only take you so far. You’ll end up quitting and going back to your old ways. A better strategy is to eat more of natures goodness in good amounts … you’ll stay within the energy you need for the day AND feel fuller most of the time.

But most importantly…enjoy life, what’s the point in killing yourself on the treadmill or the cross trainer and eating nothing but broccoli, kale and quinoa if you’re miserable while doing it! Create a balance of the things you enjoy with an emphasis on healthy! Consistency wins, every time!

When you’re tempted to over consume the foods you enjoy have this little chart in the back of your mind….

Use this little guide to help you with the nutritional panel on the back of the food packaging, it helps make a better choice between brands and sometimes a decision to put the product back on the shelf…..

How do we know when we’re not eating enough or eating too much? It’s all in our appetite, but we need to eat the right balance of foods for this to be clear! Choose the right foods!We didn’t evolve with highly processed foods. These foods confuse our natural appetite mechanisms.Eating a dessert on its own will often increase the craving for more. It’s not that you necessarily need more processed carbs, just that you’ve triggered the body into thinking it wants more. Processed foods trigger our natural reward systems (think: opioids and dopamine released in the brain) and we want more (and more).Unprocessed/natures goodness foods help keep hunger/satiety cues clear, and it’s easier to make adjustments. Remember, if you’re not hungry enough to eat broccoli, you’re probably not hungry.