Personal Coaching


Personal Training 

Reach your fitness and fat-loss potential with our specialised personal training sessions. One-on-one sessions, or come along with a friend or group of friends and share the cost.

Looking to gain muscle and strength? Why not bring group of friends to our weight training sessions.

Sessions are $60 per hour*. (cost is shared with groups- not $60 each) {max of 6 people} *24 hours advanced notice for cancelations.

Call now on 0431 466409 to see what spaces are available


Nutrition Coaching

Fitness alone is not always the answer. If you need help with nutrition we also offer private nutrition coaching consultations. Using the very successful Precision Nutrition coaching model -habit change system-that caters to the individual, which has been coached to over 50,000 clients  worldwide. No expensive supplements.

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching Consultations ~ $60 per consultation~

Meeting as required (usually once per month), this style of coaching sets you up for long-term, sustainable success. As coaches we review every client’s consistency and habit adherence and track our client’s physical and mental behaviour. Making coaching and habit change decisions on client outcomes.

We give you personalised attention which focuses on what you need most, not a one size fits all approach! We target our coaching towards YOUR goals!

We also include advice on what type of training is most effective and supply you with smart exercise programs to compliment your nutritional journey.

Take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, environments, and most importantly, your behaviours.
Be empowered to make informed decisions about your own needs, wants, and priorities.
This is client-centered nutrition coaching at its best.

When you see and feel change happening, and experience yourself making new choices, you start to think that maybe change is possible. You can’t un-see or un-know the fact that you just made a healthier choice. You WILL start to imagine making more and more healthier choices.

If you want eat better and improve your lifestyle habits – this is for you.

The following words really sum up what we are about and how we do things differently to quick fix fad diets…..

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