Recipe Book

Fantastically tasty, family friendly, healthy recipes!

The Simply Food & Fitness recipe book contains over 50 delicious and healthy recipes. The recipes are simple, use everyday ingredients and are quick and easy to make. A glossy spiral-bound A5 book is just $30 + $10 p/h if you live outside of Ballarat. To order see information below.

Here’s what our clients have to say about it:

These recipes are fabulous, my kids are eating so many vegetables and they don’t even realise it. So delicious. Thank you Jackie.

My husband cooked the hearty chicken pie last night and it was amazing.

I have to make sure I hide the snickers slice from my kids and husband, I put it under the vegies in my freezer, otherwise there’d be none left for the week!

I made the tandoori chicken burgers last night. Not only were they delicious and my kids couldn’t get enough, but I got a whole extra meal out of it in my freezer and a few leftover for lunch tomorrow.

The pre-planning advice and portion size information has changed my life. I have a Sunday routine now that sets up my whole week for easy eating. I have halved the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.

We have worked hard to develop these recipes to fit in with your life, to make it so simple that choosing healthy options is easy.

The book is divided into meal types and includes a meat-free section as well as portion advice. There is also a section on things you can do to make healthy eating easier and make reaching for the cheezels much harder!

Making changes in your life can be difficult and even if you want to make changes, there are a lot of people who resist change or are nervous of missing out on what they are used to. To help with this, many of our recipes will be familiar to you, but we have added a healthy spin on them. We pack loads of veggies into our spag bol, and swap your regular pasta sheets for wholemeal in our lasagne. Our snacks section is full of easy to make treats which are nutrient dense but still pamper your tastebuds. The recipes are easy to adapt for families with special dietary needs or even fussy eaters.

Order the recipe book:

To order a copy of our recipe book please contact us

Jackie and Paul Crabtree

Telephone or text message. 0431 466 409

We will provide you with payment options.