Eat Your Carbs and Have Some Cake!

Why are we avoiding carbs? They are bad for you, right? They make you fat, bloated, and down right guilty when you eat them, right? Well, this must stop! Let’s get the facts on carbs set straight!

I’m not about to tell you to sit down and inhale an entire mud cake for morning tea (that’s just silly!) I’m going to let you know how to make the most out of your carbs and the best time to eat them so they don’t end up on your arse/thighs/six pack!

When I say carbs, I’m not talking about the fruit/veg kind, they’re the good carbs and you can eat them at anytime, fruit in moderation. I’m talking about the starchy carbs like pasta, bread, rice, noodles…..and cake!

The low carb fad diet movement became popular with the Atkins diet in the late 90s and early 2000s, now most people assume that carbohydrates are inherently fattening. Sometimes, we get so caught up in fad diets that we forget to look at the evidence. But fad diets are mostly bad diets.

Here’s the thing,  carb reduction costs us. You see, most of us require some level of carbohydrates to function at our best over the long term.
Sure, we can cut carbs temporarily if we need to lose weight quickly. But for most of us, keeping carbs too low for too long can have disastrous consequences.
This is especially true for those of us who work out.
If you’re sedentary, your carb needs are lower. So you might be able to get away with more of a restriction.

Most of you guys exercise regularly and intensely, so if you restrict your carb intake too drastically your metabolism might slow, your stress hormones go up and your muscle-building hormones go down.
You feel lousy, spaced-out, sluggish, cranky… and maybe even sick.

Carbohydrates are primarily a source of immediate energy for all of your body’s cells. Carbohydrates also cause a release of insulin. Insulin regulates nutrient entry into muscle cells. If insulin is seldom elevated (if you avoid carbs), the muscle growth related benefits won’t occur. If you plan a higher carbohydrate intake at times when your body is better equipped to handle it, insulin will be under your control, and the body will function better.

A larger insulin response can be beneficial at certain times like after a HIIT or intense training session-this is the best time to eat cake! But not so beneficial at certain times, like before bed- this is the worst time to eat cake! It’s hard to say exactly how long carb tolerance stays high after exercise. For most people, though, assume that carb tolerance is best for approximately 3 hours after exercise.

If we consume mainly wholegrain, unprocessed carbohydrate sources (think brown) they tend to be much better utilised. Unlike the more heavily processed starchy carbohydrate sources like breads, pastas, rices, biscuits, crackers, cereals and anything sugary (think white), if we haven’t earned them or have eaten them to excess, they will end up on our arse!

Most of us need some carbs. Most of us will look, feel, and perform our best when we balance a reasonable amount of lean protein, quality carbs, and healthy fats.

To sum it all up, keep it simple. Don’t overly restrict; don’t over-think. Enjoy a wide variety of minimally processed, whole and fresh foods.

And above all, for most active people, carbs are your friend! If you have earned them, then eat them!

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How To Choose Healthy Packaged Foods (plus chicken nuggets and chips recipe)

Some of you may have seen this before but it is worth posting again. This was one of the first nutritional guidelines we gave out when we first started a few years ago. I still use it and its a really handy template to have with you on your regular trip to the supermarket.

With so many “healthy” claims being made by companies on packed food it is really easy to become confused or even mislead about what is healthy. Companies can pretty much print what ever they like on packaged foods….light, lite, healthy, low fat, fat free, raw, sugar free, high fibre, iron man food, low GI, baked not fried….. the list is endless. These are all ploys to get you to buy their product!

But one thing they can’t lie about is the information contained on the nutrition information panel. Always check the column “per 100g” as opposed to the serving size as these can be quite deceiving (remember our 1/4 cup serve of corn flakes, thats totally unrealistic).

We are listing fat, sodium (salt), sugar and fibre on the following table to give you an idea of what is high, low and what we really should be aiming for if you’re wanting to lead a healthy

We will be handing out some laminated hard copies for you this week.

Here’s a healthy, non packaged alternative for the kids (and adults) of chicken nuggets and chips!

We are using sweet potato and chicken breast  instead of the deep fried and highly processed crap.


1 large long sweet potato, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1tsp of paprika, 1 tsp of turmeric, salt and pepper, 1 egg white-beaten, 1 clove of garlic-grated, 1 tbsp of chopped parsley.

Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Cut the potatoes lengthwise in to long strips so that they look like chips. Throw them in to a freezer bag with all the ingredients except egg white, garlic and parsley. Shake until coated. Scatter on lined baking tray and bake for 20-25 mins. Remove from oven and baste with remaining ingredients. Turn oven up to 210 and bake for another 10-15mins, keep an eye on them.


3 large chicken breasts- chopped into large cubes (serves 6), 2 eggs-beaten, 1/3 cup grated parmesan, 1 tbsp of parsley-chopped, juice of half a lemon, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup quinoa flakes.

Coat the chopped chicken breast in the remaining mixed ingredients. Pan fry in a hot pan coated with olive oil spray. Turn once browned and reduce heat to cook through. Serve with sweet potato fries and fresh garden salad with a wedge of lemon.PicTapGo-Image

What Do Personal Trainers Eat?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to see their personal trainer in the supermarket. I quite often see the back of my clients heads as they run the opposite direction for fear of being caught out with crap in their trolleys. The thing is, you guys only have to worry about seeing myself or Paul in the supermarket, we have to worry about SEEING ALL OF YOU GUYS. We have over 100 clients at the moment and our chances of getting caught out with crap are much higher. But never fear, we have discovered a relaxing way to shop, DON’T BUY CRAP in the first place. If it’s not there you can’t eat it. The other way around this is to strategically place all the crap at the bottom of the trolley and all the good stuff on the top in case you run into us. (as shown below)…………lol.GroceriesSo, if the fear of being caught out is a burden, I have included my weekly shopping dockets on this post to give you an insight as to what is in our fridge/pantry and to give you some ideas on what to throw in your trolley next time you shop. Keep in mind that there are six of us in our house so the quantities are a little higher than if you would be shopping as a singleton. There are nine litres of milk in this trolley but that probably won’t last the week at our house, especially since Paul brought a coffee machine!!

I tend to shop at both Aldi and Safeway as Aldi has a limited range of “health foods” and its too expensive to do the whole shop at Safeway with a family of six. Safeway has a great health food section. We try and get to the farmers markets and Wilson’s Fruit and Veg about once a month for that extra variety as well.

Hopefully you can make sense of the abbreviations on the dockets and that this helps you to make some healthy choices on your next trip to the supermarket. Remember to shop thinking that you could run into us at anytime. That means no TIM-TAMS people!!AldiSafewayPlease note, I got caught out with the McKenzies coconut flakes. I usually buy our flakes from the farmers market but saw these when I was in Safeway. I quickly threw them in my trolley without checking the nutrition information only to discover when eating my coconut, raspberry Chobani that evening that there was 38g of sugar per 100g added to the coconut!! It went straight in the bin and off to the farmers market I went. It pays to check before you buy!!

This was just this weeks shop and obviously there is a broader selection of foods that we have on rotation but it might just give you some inspiration for your trolley.

Keep your eyes and ears out later this week for an announcement of a new venture for Crabtree Fitness Professionals as we build on our empire. Exciting times ahead!!

The Reality of Supermarket Shopping

I’m sure you guys are all aware of the dangers of supermarket shopping. You know how they place all those little nasties and the end of the aisles. When we’re feeling tired and vulnerable these items appeal to our inner comfort and we tell ourselves we deserve them and will feel better after we eat them (momentarily). Not to mention the fact that they place multiple nasties at the checkout when you’re at the end of your tether with a 3 year old having a major melt down. We try and do our best to give the kids healthy nutritious food but that all goes out the window when the kinder surprise is going to buy you 10 minutes of silence while you get through the checkout and pack the groceries in the car.

The following article has been doing the rounds on Facebook this week and is a well written documentation on the layout of our supermarkets. Thank you to Claire for sharing this with me. You were right this did speak to me and I agree with everything I read. Please take the time to click on the link and have a read through.

Due to popular demand I’m posting the cauliflower base pizza recipe. Now before you screw up your nose and say “I don’t like cauliflower”. Let me just inform you , you can’t actually taste the cauliflower in the base. This is gluten free and a good meal to try on takeaway night instead of popping out to the shops. Try and follow the directions, especially the part about draining the water from the cauliflower as I didn’t the first time and ended up with a soggy mess.

Cauliflower Pizza

Florets of 1 cauliflower

2 eggs

4 Tablespoons of almond meal

1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese

You can add any of your favourite toppings such as;





Roasted pumpkin

Sunflower seeds

Fresh Basil

Cooked chicken tenderloins

Feta (crumbled)

Place all the cauliflower in the food processor until finely processed. Then cook in the microwave for a few minutes to cook through (no water needed). Place in a tea towel and wring all the moisture out of the cauliflower. Place in a bowl with the egg, almond meal and parmesan and mix well.

Line your pizza pan with baking paper and press the dough to the edges and bake in a hot oven until in browns.

Take it out and load up with your toppings and return to the oven until its browned to your liking. This is one I prepared earlier:-pizza base caulipizza precooked caulipizza cooked cauli

Avocado and Basil Pesto with Pine Nuts

Hey Crew, just sharing another healthy fat recipe with you today.  But before I do, I also want to share this little animation I posted on the Facebook Page last week. I would hate for you to miss it because you’re not on Facebook.

It sends a very clear message of the dangers in consuming soft drink or soda, as they call it in the U.S.A, on a regular basis. It also highlights the way advertisers trap you into buying these products. Sit back and enjoy the show, you will get a bit of a chuckle from it.

If this link doesn’t work for you search youtube for “the real bears”

I  got a little creative again, this time in the form of pesto. Now,  you can use this however you like, the possibilities are endless. We had ours as part of the main course as a condiment for the pan fried turkey breast. Then we had it in our wrap for lunch with left over turkey and salad. You could use it as a dip with celery and carrot sticks or as a sauce base on home made pizza. Whatever tickles your fancy!


2 ripe avocados

Juice of 1 lemon

1 Tbsp of olive oil

1 clove of garlic

Fresh basil finely chopped or from the tube

1 packet of pine nuts (pre-toasted under the grill or in the oven)

Mix and stir throughPestoWhile on the healthy fat bandwagon here are some interesting uses for olive oil in the form of an infograhic;

TheusesofOliveOil_5069fcac346d0This was from  Click on the link for more interesting infographics, on a variety of topics, not just health and fitness.

Remember to reduce you intake of saturated and trans fats and include good fats in your diet for health benefits. Keep up the amazing work guys, the results are speaking for themselves at the moment. I’m seeing lots of fat loss results and seeing some inspiring sessions, with massive increases in fitness and stamina!!

Introduce Good Fats, Down With Bad Fats

The time has approached, again, to implement a new lifestyle change as  part of our  Year of Positive Change, 2013.  After introducing wholemeal products and giving white the flick in Term 1, we upped our protein intake by including it in each meal in Term 2. Sticking to our changed habits is an important part of permanent, positive, healthy living.

A lot of you guys have noticed a huge difference on your waistlines and energy levels by sticking to these two simple lifestyle changes. It has only been a few months, and to have a noticeable difference in that time shows the positive impact it will have when  you stick to it for the rest of you lives. Short term challenges and quick fix diets may work in the short term but are certainly unsustainable for life.

We have one unique client at the moment who is on this short term unsustainable journey and getting amazing results, but their challenge will kick in when they go back to the reality of normal, but healthy eating (not eating like a rabbit) and sustainable exercise plans (6 workouts a week instead of 18). As fitness professionals it’s our job to support and ensure that this person is educated on the what, when, how and why of healthy sustainable living. It’s one of the things we pride ourselves on here at Crabtree Fitness.

I guess the heading gives it away, but this term we will be concentrating on introducing healthy fats and reducing or eliminating saturated and trans fat from our diets. We need to be aware that the media and food companies still roll with the “99% fat free” band wagon when trying to promote their sales pitch for a product to make it sound healthy (even if it’s full of sugar and salt). Fat free isn’t necessarily healthy, unless it’s a carrot or some other form of vegetable. The Natural Food Company’s lollies that are 99% fat free ARE NOT a healthy choice.fat free

Fat’s are essential for digestion, vitamin absorption, hormone production and immune health. Fat is also a fuel source (as well as carbs) for working muscles during exercise. Fats are the building blocks for cell walls and hormones, transporters of vitamins A, D, E, K and essential for bone and immune health. Inadequate fat stores and intake can lead to major health complications. Mono-unsaturated  oils and omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory to the body and can help the fight against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, help lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, nourish the immune system and reduce symptoms of arthritis and depression.  Good or healthy fats are associated with a longer healthy life. Top of the list in healthy fats are olive oil, sesame oil, macadamia nuts, avocado, flaxseeds, pepita seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds. _MG_8422

Remember to always keep an eye on portion size on good fats because they contain 9 calories per gram as opposed to carbs and protein which contain 4 calories per gram. Also, when cooking with oils always use the spray versions, as when heated to about 800-1000 degrees the chemical structure is changed and these oils become trans fats! Add your olive oil or sesame oil at the end of cooking to get the health benefits.

Fish and chips, McDonalds, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Pastries, Pizza, Cakes and biscuits (unless you make them yourself) DO NOT contain good fats. They are loaded with saturated and, worse still, trans fats which stay in your system for ever. Please try and minimise the use of these products from your nutritional regime.

I will be posting some recipes that include these healthy fats over the next few weeks to give you some fresh ideas. Let’s embrace this and contribute to our already healthy lifestyles.

Also this term a reminder that we will be taking measurements for anyone wanting to keep track of their fat-loss for the term with the added motivation of a special prize for the most fat lost. And fitness freaks will be included with the best improver on the outcome measures for the term.

Term 3 will kick off with 2 new sessions this week. Monday afternoon Mum’s Group at Buninyong Footy oval at 2.15pm and our early morning boxing session at 6.15am on  Tuesday morning (don’t forget to see Matt at SportsBiz for you inners before then).

Speaking of SporstBiz, Matt is organising to open his doors for an invitation only open night for Crabtree Fitness Professional’s clients and families with 20% off storewide. It will be at 6pm on Tuesday the 23th July for one to two hours. The invitations will be out soon, so hold off on buying your new gear for now.

Bring on Term 3 and let’s make it count!!

Food Is Fuel

The flyer I’m posting today is one of the first flyers I handed out to my groups after I qualified nearly 2 years ago. It’s in really simple point form and is still the format I base my nutritional information on now. You also get a bonus post workout protein meal on the bottom to keep with our theme this term.

“Food is fuel”

*We need to think of food as a fuel source

*Eating every 2 to 4 hours keeps metabolism firing

*When we get hungry we make poor choices

*Does emotion beat logic when you eat???

*When our bodies go into starvation mode we end up storing more body fat

*Always think- Is this nutrient rich food?

*Carbs and good fats are our energy source

*Protein is for repair

*Eat protein and carbs post exercise to keep energy levels high and repair

*Beware the media portray eating junk food as being normal $$$$$$$$

Post exercise smoothie

In a blender add ~1/2 cup low fat milk ~2 tablespoons of low fat and sugar yoghurt ~1 tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese ~mixed frozen berries~1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds ~banana(optional)

This is high in protein, contains good fats and carbsLong term goalsWork hard this week, everyone, with our outcome measures. The beep test is just around the corner………be afraid, very afraid!!!

What Diet Is Best?

Before I start my nagging for the week, I  just want to shout out to my crews that boxing is on the timetable this week. I know you all love boxing, so let’s smash out a high intensity boxing session to kickstart the week. Look at the smiles on these lovely ladies faces:-Get fit...have fun

Which diet is best? Paleo, Vegan, Low Carbs, High Protein, Low Fat, Fasting, The 5/2, The 6/1, Raw Food, Atkins, Cabbage soup, CSIRO, blah, blah, blah ?????????? I get asked this question a lot. Usually my answer is- “if it promises a quick fix, is short term, requires you to starve yourself, omits food groups, has the word “diet” in it, well, quite frankly, I’m not a fan.

However, there is one diet I do like the sound of:-shitty foodAfter watching the Hungry For Change video last week, it dawned on me that we are all caught up on this roller coaster ride of consumerism. We are bombarded on a daily basis and start to believe everything we’re told by companies TRYING TO SELL US THEIR PRODUCTS. I get no financial gain from the nutritional information I give you on this blog. I sacrifice my time to share this information with you because I CARE. I’m not like the salesperson on the end of the phone selling you the “ab-circle pro”. They don’t give a stuff that you store it under your bed and never use it (apparently it only takes “3 minutes a day” to get a six pack). You’re out of their conscience as soon as the credit card payment is deducted. These so called diet companies work in the same manner. They are there to make money, regardless of your results.

I care about your results. I see you guys every week. I know how hard you all work and you all deserve to get results. I could be lazy and sit back and just take your money for bootcamp. It would be so much easier for me to have about 6 workouts that I do on rotation and keep on regurgitating them to you until you’re all bored out of your brains. I could give you no information on nutrition- Why should I waste my time?

Well, I’m passionate, motivated and driven. That’s why I don’t consider it a waste of time to share the unbiased nutritional information, that I believe, will help all of you live long, happy lives.  It’s all pretty simple:-You will get there

Hungry For Change

Today, I’m sharing with you something a little different. The link below is a youtube clip to the trailer for Hungry For Change. This documentary not only highlights the dangers of eating crap but also shows us the tricks that the food companies use to get us to continue to eat this crap. It explains why we have become so addicted to fat, salt and sugar, and why the world is being crushed by obesity. Believe me, you will never look at a Diet Coke in the same way again! This link runs for about 4 minutes. I have downloaded the whole documentary and have a copy of the DVD on its way for anyone who would like to view it in its entirety. You can somehow watch it all on youtube in parts but that was way to complex for me to figure out. The whole documentary goes for about 90 minutes. If you think I’m a “spoil sport” for highlighting healthy eating and suggesting you eat less garbage, then these guys must be classified as total “party poopers”!

If this link doesn’t work for you just google “youtube Hungry For Change trailer”.

Junk Grave

Winter Warmer

What a shock to the system it has been this week. After last weeks balmy autumn weather we have been pelted by arctic winds and driving rain. We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate. I had a PT session yesterday morning where the temperature read “feels like” 0.5 degrees! It was coffee time after that one. Just this morning our Mums and preschoolers group endured similar conditions. They worked out in the wet, cold and dirty conditions without complaining once (not that I heard anyway).

mums groupWe will be in the brand new facility at the Uni from next week girls.

Anyway, with the cold weather upon us I thought I would post a nice winter warmer recipe that is high in protein. Chicken Quinoa Veggie Soup. Perfect for days like today. This can be made ahead and frozen into meal size portions to heat up.

You can use whatever veggies you want. This is my selection;soup veggiesI added 1 teaspoon of curry powder, 1 cup of red lentils, 1 packet of chicken noodle soup(ommit for gluten free), 1/2 a cup of tri colored quinoa( you could add more) and 1 packet of raw tender loins to 2 and 1/2 litres of water with the veggies, roughly chopped. Cook for 2 hours and just mash the chicken and any large veggies until it becomes stringy. I did it still in the pot. I had some today and felt toasty and warm afterwards!quinoa soup

A Story About Sugar

I know we are concentrating on protein this term but I felt the need to share this story on sugar, which you may hear or have heard at bootcamp today. A PT client of mine, who is happy for me to share his story, came to me about 8 weeks ago wanting to get fitter and lose a bit of body fat. I counselled him on nutrition and he was smashing his workouts to the point of vomitting (he was putting everything into it).

He reassured me his nutrition was going well and he had cut down on all the bad stuff. Eight weeks down the track he says he’s worried he’s not meeting his fat loss goals. “maybe we need to look at changing something with your nutrition” I said. Then out with it he came. “I haven’t been honest about my sugar intake” he said. He then informed me he was still having 3 sugars in his coffee (1 coffee a day) and drinking about a litre of made up cordial when he got home from work. CORDIAL!!!! One of the first things I tell people to quit when they start with me. Wasted calories!!!! I wasn’t happy. I added up the amount of sugar he had consumed since he started 8 weeks prior. Wait for it-3 kilograms of sugar in 8 weeks, and that was just in what he was drinking!!! It was hindering his proggress. Let me share with you an email I recieved from some PT authors (Sharny and Julius) to explain the “nasty” behind sugar and why it was hindering his fat loss.

20 years ago, the enemy was fat.  Fat makes you fat, right?
Nowadays, there is a whole barrage of fat supporters, claiming that the real reason we’re fatter than we should be is sugar.
What’s the big deal about sugar anyway?
Eating sugar triggers the release of a hormone called insulin, the most amazing hoarder you’ve ever met.
Imagine a slightly creepy relative, one that is overly obsessive about cleaning; except for the fact that they don’t have a rubbish bin, they just clean everything constantly, but put the dirt and rubbish into the cupboards. This is insulin.
Now imagine giving that hoarding weirdo a line of cocaine, laced with speed and mixed into a litre of coffee, topped with an energy drink. Their behaviour is similar to what insulin is like, when fed sugar.
It packs everything (and I mean everything) into the lovely little storage spaces in your body we know as fat cells.
Just remember that fat cells are not necessarily cells, they are empty bags waiting to be filled. They will always be there, and they are always ready to be filled with junk…
On top of this, insulin is a real sugar junkie. If it gets a sniff or a taste, it just wants more. You feel this as hunger. Even though you just ate half your body weight in sweets; 10 minutes later, you’re ready to go again, and feeling a little sick (because you’re dehydrated).
Oh, that’s right, insulin doesn’t just pack the food into the cells, it lines it with water.
Sooo, cutting out sugar will reduce your insulin response. The sugar picketers are saying that if you are overweight, it may because of the sugar in your diet, not the fat.
Because we are constantly barraging our bodies with sugar, (and a lot of the time not even knowing it) our little hoarder friend is hypersensitive to sugar, and is like the junkie who is fed more and more of the delightful cocktail of yuck that I described to you earlier.
Hoard, hoard, hoard; before you know it you’re the size of a dump truck and your heart is being crushed in your chest; all the while that hoarding little sh*t is screaming at you “I want more!” like the movie Oliver, except this week, you’re gonna slap that kid in the face and kick him in the balls.
Next week will be a really, really interesting week. You’ll discover how much sugar you actually eat (every cereal except for oats is high in added sugar).
Some of you will discover the depth of your (until now) unknown addiction, while some of you will discover a willpower you never thought you had.
less sugarIf you feel you are not meeting your fat-loss goals, take a look at your sugar consumption. It could be holding you back from making progress.
Now back to protein. I tried this new recipe yesterday and loved it! You can have it for breakfast, a snack (good one to take to work in a plastic container)or use it as a dessert. It is packed with protein and will keep those hunger pains away!
Black chia seeds
Lite coconut milk
Yoghurt (I used Aldi organic)
You need to soak your chia seeds in the coconut milk overnight. Use a ratio of 1 part seeds to 2 parts milk.
I did half a cup seeds to 1 cup of milk which is enough for 3 servings.
Place a couple of spoonfuls of the chia and milk mixture in the bottom of a bowl, follow with a dollop or 2 of yoghurt, some raspberries and finish with the crushed walnuts.
I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about how this would turnout but the texture in your mouth is to die for!
chia pudding

Protein With Each Meal

I’m pretty sure we can call our term 1  lifestyle change a success. Boy, did we see some positive results from swapping white to brown.

At first, it was met with fear. “How on earth am I going to get my family to swap from the comfort of the fluffy white carbs to the enemy, brown, fibrous, nutritious carbs?” But do you know what? By the end of term most people had successfully transferred themselves and their families (including reluctant husbands) over to consuming nutritious products like wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, brown rice and even wholemeal flour.

Many boot campers noticed a difference on the scales and a subtle change in energy levels as well as identifying a cleansing of the digestive system with regular bowel movements (I know, “Gross” I hear you say). All of these results are contributing to an improved quality of life, as well as a reduced risk of disease and illness. It’s really important that we continue on with this lifestyle change for the rest of our lives and keep it part of our “normal”.

So this brings us to our lifestyle change for term 2. I guess the title gives it away, we will be ADDING PROTEIN TO EACH MEAL.

In a previous post (How much protein do we need? November 2012. Please go back through the archives and re-read so I don’t have to repeat myself too much.) I talked about the importance of lean protein in our diets and the crucial role that it plays in repairing cells, helping with muscle growth (another word for toning up, ladies) and keeping us feeling fuller for longer. And we know that by feeling fuller for longer we are less likely to overeat at meal times because we are not “starving hungry”.

Strength + protein

What foods contain protein? Never fear I have the answer to your question below. It can be difficult to include protein in each meal if you are living on a high carbohydrate diet, so some may find this more challenging than others. Breakfast is quite often a stumbling block for protein. (there isn’t much protein in vegemite on toast). Who says we need to have toast or cereal for breakfast. Its just a picture painted by Kelloggs, Sanitarium or Sunicrust to sell their product. Just run down to the river and catch a salmon to cook up for brekky. Just kidding, instead you could include some of the foods listed on the tables below. I found these on the internet and they are really informative if you’re not sure how much protein you are consuming.  I


Ingredients; Remember the shop once, chop once. This is much easier of a morning if you stick to that piece of advice and have the veggies pre-chopped in the fridge.
2 eggs
mushrooms, sliced
onion, diced
red capsicum, diced
cherry tomatoes, halved
97% fat free bacon diced
small slice of low fat feta, crumbled
zucchini, diced
Spray a hot non-stick pan with olive oil and stir fry your veggies, except spinach. When cooked add you eggs and feta. Stir until egg cooked (about a minute) and add spinach at the end. Serve with cracked pepper.
Rolled oats (the less processed the better)
frozen berries
goji berries
your choice of nuts and seeds
I used; pepita seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds with some walnuts crumbled over the top.
 Cook the rolled oats as per instructions but throw the goji berries in at the start of cooking, this makes them plump.
When cooked sprinkle with frozen berries and cover with your nuts and seeds.
So for all you boot campers out there, try and get your 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight in everyday, spread out over all your meals. If you’re not doing this already you will notice a difference in your hunger and it will also aid in your recovery. You should notice that you recover quicker and are able to work at a high intensity for longer. And its all a bonus if we a preventing those nasty cravings for sugary foods!!
I will keep posting high protein recipes for you so that we can easily transition ourselves the same way we did with our white to brown lifestyle change. Remember this is not a challenge it is a permanent lifestyle change, if you are finding it too difficult adjust to it slowly. I know you can do this. 🙂  Jac