What McDonalds and Cadbury Aren’t Telling You

I’m here to put the record straight! Over the last 3 months I’ve been studying hard! It’s been a slog and a mind blowing, overwhelming, factual experience. I’m about halfway through to becoming a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach. We have covered all the nutritional science so far and I’m about to start on client coaching. I won’t bore you with everything but I’ve made a summary of the most important things we have covered at Precision Nutrition……

The foods we eat and the exercise we do have a detrimental effect on our overall health!

Our bodies contain 100 trillion cells, our nutritional intake is a reflection of how well each of those cells performs/functions. If everyone was aware of the impact our nutritional intake had on us at a cellular level and the way our brains are wired, we would certainly think twice about consuming large amounts of trans fats, salt and sugar again! (McDonalds, anyone?)

It’s not only nutrition, but exercise also plays an important role in our cellular health and function. All I can say is -lucky you guys are smashing it out on the gym floor! The more we exercise, the more our bodies respond, getting fitter and stronger. Being consistent with exercise is reducing our risk of disease, the effects of ageing and making us calorie burning, metabolically active machines!

Important Points to Remember For Good Nutrition and Health.
-Eating whole foods controls our appetite and our energy balance (calories in, calories out).
-Eating processed foods interferes with our appetite signals, leaving it easy to over-eat.
-Calorie counting can be out by as much as 20%, this is a very inaccurate way to control our energy balance.
-HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most efficient and effective form of exercise for overall health/fitness and fat-loss.
-Regular protein intake at each meal keeps our metabolism high, keeps us fuller for longer and helps with recovery so we can workout harder…. creating awesome results!
-Consume mostly good quality carbs (veg/salad/whole-grains) for energy.
-Poorer quality carbs are best immediately after exercise (if at all). Best to have that sleeve of TimTams after bootcamp, not before!
-Fibre is our friend, get plenty of it! (all the good stuff contains plenty of fibre)
-Carb and fat intake should be equal for energy. If your meal contains higher fat ensure you have less carbs, if your meal contains more carbs ensure you have less fats. (remember, higher carb meals are best after exercise).
-AVOID FRUCTOSE!!! Fructose is NOT your friend. Sugar (sucrose) is half fructose. Any fructose that is not used for immediate energy is STORED AS FAT. 80% of supermarket items contain added sugar (fructose) in some form.
-Fruit contains fructose but it’s ok as it contains your friend, fibre!
-Beware of fad diets! All plans have severe negative energy balance for short term weight-loss. They cut essential macronutrients which limits variety/narrows stimuli(gives you less options)/ limits food consumption. They are not sustainable in the long term. Don’t be sucked in by “Media Mythology”! The weight loss industry and food companies are feeding you bullshit to get you sucked in and give them money!
-Focus on health, performance and body composition.Purposeful exercise and intelligent eating

I will give all our boot campers a hard copy to refer to this week.


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What is Good Nutrition? The Answer May Surprise You!

It is a puzzling question……what is good nutrition? There seems to be a lot of different answers out there at the moment. Does good nutrition mean eating fewer sugary desserts? Or does it mean eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less meat and/or fewer carbs, less dairy, less grains, no gluten? Or is it eating a “balanced diet”?

Since I started my Precision Nutrition course we have covered a lot of mind blowing stuff and none more so than the answer to this question! This term I want to establish exactly this…What is good nutrition?

Well, there are five important points that cover the definition of good nutrition….

1. Good nutrition has the correct energy balance (energy in/energy out).

2. Good nutrition focuses on nutrient dense food.

3. Good nutrition gets results

4. Good nutrition is sustainable in the long term

I would like to cover number five today. I was blown away by this and wanted to share it with you straight away. This is really important to us, particularly this year, our year of “the bucket list” with our mission of fulfilling individual goals.

Number 5 on the list of good nutrition is all about where our focus lies!

5. Good nutrition focuses on health, performance and body composition.

You see, a lot of us tend to focus solely on body composition (losing fat/gaining muscle). Is good nutrition all about looking good naked and having a flat stomach? Well, no! These strong motivators can easily lure us into the world of crash diets, unneeded supplements and unrealistic diet plans. Rather than focusing solely on the visual outcome of body composition we should be focusing on our health and performance as well.

For example, starving yourself on an extreme diet plan may improve your body composition in the short term but what is it doing for your health and performance? Fad/crash diets may leave you feeling weak, affect your immunity and leave you too tired to workout at a high intensity.

On the other side of the equation you maybe focusing entirely on performance. You’re training for a half marathon and then come home eat a pie, a can of coke and a block of chocolate! And that’s going to affect your health and body composition as well as your performance.

The diagram below shows that we need to link together all three components to achieve the goal of good nutrition. HEALTH, PERFORMANCE and BODY COMPOSITION. performancehealthbody

Focusing strictly on any one of the goals above to the exclusion of others can lead to problems. Good nutrition should improve the way you look, feel and perform!

If we fuel our bodies correctly it makes us feel better and in turn makes us perform better which then leads us to look better.

Ask yourself, did my food intake this week lead to good health and better performance?

We will cover all five points of good nutrition in detail this term which will give us the skills to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle  for the long term.

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New Location For Early Mornings at Mt Clear Bootcamp

I’m extremely sorry for the late notice but there is a change of location for Term 2 & 3 for our Mt Clear early morning sessions. We will be using Emmaus Primary School  instead of Damascus, starting tomorrow.

I have mentioned this previously as well but I will remind our evening bootcampers that our evening sessions will be held at Emmaus Primary Gym on Mondays and Buninyong Gym on Thursdays at 6.30pm.

See you all tomorrow for another fabulous, goal conquering term!!Crabtree_bootcamp_logo

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Gold Coin Sessions And Easter Survival Guide

As the holidays begin, just a little reminder of our Gold Coin Sessions starting tomorrow night while we break from our normal time table.

Emmaus Primary School Gym, Geelong Rd Mount Clear at

6.30PM …

MONDAY 30th March



TUESDAY 7th April

THURSDAY 9th April

These are a great opportunity to come and try Crabtree Fitness Bootcamp. Why not grab a friend and give it a try in the next term break.

Easter is upon us and for months now we’ve been forced to walk past Easter eggs lining the aisles at the supermarket.
Have you already given in to the temptation and eaten the Easter Eggs purchased for Easter yourself, promising to buy more for the Easter bunny?
Easter is a time of year when you will find yourself out of your normal routine. Time off work, family gatherings, social events and lots of tasty food can lead to over-consumption. Don’t mention those damn Hot Cross buns ending up in our supermarket trollies too!

Try these 5 tips to keep Easter in control……
1 Exercise every day over the Easter break. If you have done a great workout you will be more likely to make better food choices and less likely to over indulge. Remember we have plenty of workouts under the workout tab.
2. Writing down what you eat over Easter will keep you aware of your food intake compared to how much exercise you are doing.
3. Be aware of how much energy an Easter egg contains. One medium Bunny has around 300 calories. That’s a lot of BURPEES!
4. These little chocolate eggs are going to be impossible avoid but it’s important not to enter the supermarket and stock up like it’s the end of the world. Make better choices and eat a good quality, dark chocolate egg. The darker the chocolate the better as dark chocolate is high in antioxidants. Dip strawberries into dark chocolate as an alternative to Easter eggs.
5. Start with eating your healthy food choices first. Then set yourself a limit of how much Easter chocolate you will have the end of your meal as a treat.
DARK CHOCOLATE COATED STRAWBERRIES can be a healthier way to get a chocolate fix.  These are a great alternative to Easter eggs but….. eat in moderation.

1 Block 70% dark chocolate or higher
1 Punnet of Strawberries

Step 1  Break dark chocolate into even pieces. Place into a heat proof bowl Step 2   One third- fill a saucepan with water. Bring to the boil then reduce heat to low. Place dark chocolate bowl over saucepan without letting the bowl touch the boiling water. Stir with a metal spoon. Step 3  Line a baking tray with baking paper. Dip one third of strawberry into dark chocolate and place on the tray. Refrigerate until set.

Have a great Easter and we hope to see you sometime over the school holiday break. Remember, do what it takes to avoid being ambivalent this holidays! Take charge and work towards your goals!

strawber choc.

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Term 1 Wrap Up and Important Information

We have some important information regarding change in venues for this week. Please read on carefully and find the information relevant to your bootcamp group.

Before we get to that, we want to congratulate everyone who has made inroads on their bucket lists so far this year. We have been more than impressed by the enthusiasm everyone has shown this term!

Just asking around last week, on fat loss alone, we are kicking some serious arse on our bucket lists! Goal setting has enabled people to set the bar high and work hard to achieve things they have been putting off for a while.

We have tried to fit everyone’s goals on our own little Crabtree Fitness Bucket List, apologies if your goal didn’t fit, but these are most of the goals you have all set yourselves this year….bucket list crabtree fitness

As the term draws to a close we want everyone to remain enthusiastic about their goals and continue to work hard towards achieving success in their own personal way. We have tried to put as much information out there as we can to help you, as well as design our workouts around the majority of goals for personal success. Please feel free to contact us if you feel you have not been supported in reaching your goal and we will be more than happy to put the relevant information out there so that everyone has an equal chance of ticking the items on their bucket list!

Congratulations to everyone who has already achieved greatness by ticking items off their bucket list! Donna for her triathlon, Connie for her 5kms, Scott, Simone and Dan for  obstacle racing, ALL of those who have completed various fun-runs, and in particular, all of those who have tightened up their belt on nutrition to be on target for their fat-loss goals by the end of the year (apologies if we missed anyone).

This is the time when we have to stay on track and remain vigilant as enthusiasm may begin to wain after the excitement of the first couple of months passes. Ask yourself- am I doing enough? Am I making inroads? If the answer is no, pull your finger out, take it by throat and let’s go for it in Term 2!

Ok, onto our important info…

Basically, as the weather is going to turn to absolute shite before the end of the week, we will be heading inside from this WEDNESDAY (25th). Monday and Tuesday sessions will remain as usual as well as all the mums bootcamp sessions, no change there. We will be using the Emmaus Primary school Gym on Geelong Rd for our early morning sessions this Wed and Thur and our evening session on Thursday. Please spread the word to your friends who may not see this post!

This will also be the venue for our Gold Coin sessions as we break from our normal timetable over the school holidays. Gold Coin sessions will be…

6.30PM on the following evenings…

MONDAY 30th March



TUESDAY 7th April

THURSDAY 9th April

In Term 2 our evening sessions will be held in the Emmaus Primary School Gym at 6.30pm on Mondays. Thursdays will be held in the Buninyong Primary Gym. Our mums Group sessions will remain at the Buninyong Footy ground for now. We will be moving to Emmaus primary Gym for our early morning sessions at 6.15am.

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How To Choose Healthy Packaged Foods (plus chicken nuggets and chips recipe)

crabtree fitness healthy lifestyle
Some of you may have seen this before but it is worth posting again. This was one of the first nutritional guidelines we gave out when we first started a few years ago. I still use it and its a really handy template to have with you on your regular trip to the supermarket.

With so many “healthy” claims being made by companies on packed food it is really easy to become confused or even mislead about what is healthy. Companies can pretty much print what ever they like on packaged foods….light, lite, healthy, low fat, fat free, raw, sugar free, high fibre, iron man food, low GI, baked not fried….. the list is endless. These are all ploys to get you to buy their product!

But one thing they can’t lie about is the information contained on the nutrition information panel. Always check the column “per 100g” as opposed to the serving size as these can be quite deceiving (remember our 1/4 cup serve of corn flakes, thats totally unrealistic).

We are listing fat, sodium (salt), sugar and fibre on the following table to give you an idea of what is high, low and what we really should be aiming for if you’re wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle.photo.PNG

We will be handing out some laminated hard copies for you this week.

Here’s a healthy, non packaged alternative for the kids (and adults) of chicken nuggets and chips!

We are using sweet potato and chicken breast  instead of the deep fried and highly processed crap.


1 large long sweet potato, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1tsp of paprika, 1 tsp of turmeric, salt and pepper, 1 egg white-beaten, 1 clove of garlic-grated, 1 tbsp of chopped parsley.

Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Cut the potatoes lengthwise in to long strips so that they look like chips. Throw them in to a freezer bag with all the ingredients except egg white, garlic and parsley. Shake until coated. Scatter on lined baking tray and bake for 20-25 mins. Remove from oven and baste with remaining ingredients. Turn oven up to 210 and bake for another 10-15mins, keep an eye on them.


3 large chicken breasts- chopped into large cubes (serves 6), 2 eggs-beaten, 1/3 cup grated parmesan, 1 tbsp of parsley-chopped, juice of half a lemon, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup quinoa flakes.

Coat the chopped chicken breast in the remaining mixed ingredients. Pan fry in a hot pan coated with olive oil spray. Turn once browned and reduce heat to cook through. Serve with sweet potato fries and fresh garden salad with a wedge of lemon.PicTapGo-Image

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Portion Control, Are Our Portions Too Big? (plus Banana Bread recipe)

One of the things we noted on many of your bucket lists for 2015 was portion control. How much is enough?……..it’s really difficult to gage!

Serving sizes have gone up drastically in the last 20 years, particularly on packed food (think of the old polystyrene coffee cups compared to the extra large, tall, grande latte we slug down these days. Or the tiny choc chip cookies mum made compared to the over indulgent cookies the size of bread and butter plates you currently see in cafes). Everywhere we turn there are supersize, upsize, megasize and don’t get me started on the “serve yourself and come back for seconds buffet”!

Even if we’re eating a well balanced nutritious diet full of whole foods, it’s hard to judge how much we should be consuming. After all it’s calories in versus calories out and we need to find the right balance on a personal level.

I came across these helpful products at a professional development day I attended last year on “Managing a Healthy Weight”. The sports dietician who ran the session highly recommended this as a tool to keep our portions in check. It comes in the form of a plate and bowl that have the recommend serving sizes of our macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) and the serving sizes we should be aiming for.FullSizeRender

It gives portion sizes for men and women who want to maintain weight as well as portion sizes for those wanting to drop weight.

All you need to do is ditch the fancy crockery for a few weeks and replace it with these melamine plates while you adapt to how much the recommended serving size is for your lifestyle. We have purchased some plates and bowls from the portion perfection range and will have them at bootcamp this week.  We have four of each, plates are $14 and the bowls $7, but we can order more in bulk if required. Or you can order them individually, visit the website  https://www.greatideas.net.au/portion-perfection/men.html Please let us know if you would like one to help you keep your portions in check.


Moving on to the Blueberry Banana Bread recipe I created yesterday. Now as you may know I’m not one for following recipes, I just threw this together without measuring anything with a bunch of ingredients I grabbed from the pantry. The measurements are a guide only, add/take-away to get the right consistency for the perfect mixture…

2 ripe mashed bananas, 2 pots of unsweetened apple puree, 2 eggs, 3/4 cup Chobani greek yoghurt, 3 Tablespoons coconut oil and 2 Tablespoons of rice malt syrup melted in the microwave, 1 1/2 -2 cups of wholemeal SR flour, 1 tspoon of baking powder, 1 cup of crushed walnuts, 1/2 a cup of LOCALLY SOURCED blueberries and a handful of slivered almonds for the top.

Mix all the wet ingredients first then add the flour and baking powder stir until well combined, mix through walnuts and blueberries. Line a slice tin with baking paper and spray with oil, pour in mixture and sprinkle with almonds. Bake at 165 for 30-35 mins. PicTapGo-Image

As you can see I had a bit of a bake-off yesterday. The recipes for the protein balls and jaffa muffins are under the recipe tab. Hey, watch your portions!






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