Thanks For The Memories

As we celebrate our third Birthday let’s take a trip down Memory Lane. Good times!



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Learn To Run Group

Have you set yourself a running goal this year? There are a few local events to set your sights on. Whether you want to tackle the 6km in ‘Run Ballarat’ on October 19th, want to conquer Mount Buninyong in ‘King of the Mountain’ on October 26th, or run rampant at Miss Muddy in late November, our learn to run group will cater for you, your goal and your ability.

Starting on September 6th, we will be running a 6-7 week program on Saturday mornings at 8am meeting at DeSoza Park, Buninyong. It will be a walk to run program that will give you the ability to run 6kms without stopping after 6 weeks.

We will begin with a flat course on the private sandy tracks of DeSoza park. And as you gain empowerment and courage we will add a few hills to make your challenge complete!

The total cost will be $20 for the 7 weeks which will include a written program to keep you accountable through the week. The sessions will last around 30 minutes to begin with and increase up to about 45 minutes as we increase the distances.

You don’t have to be a current Crabtree Fitness team member to take part. Please contact us to express your interest. Ph Jackie 0431466409 or Email

We also have a more advanced running group who meet up at the same time if you are looking for a further challenge.

run hard

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Congratulations Sugar Shunners!!

Our week of shunning sugar is now officially over!!

Firstly, I want to congratulate all those who took part in this challenge. It was never going to be easy but the feedback has been absolutely positive (apart from the first day, when everyone had a bit of a whine). As the week progressed I could feel the empowerment from everyone as their will became stronger and the withdrawal headaches eased. Even the most hardened sugar addicts embraced this head on!

I’m pretty sure we achieved our goal of sugar awareness and education! This was never about losing weight or just giving up our Cadbury/TimTams/red wine, this was more about highlighting how much added sugar has crept into our diets without us even being aware!

Back in the day everything was made from scratch so you pretty much knew what was going in your mouth. Now, we have so many convenience foods and products that we just throw into our trolleys without thinking about what is actually in them.

We don’t have sugary treats or foods in our house but I’m sure, like us, convenience was not something that happened at your house this week. In fact, we were quite inconvenienced by trying to avoid added sugar. It seemed every tin/jar/packet had added sugar. From tinned tomatoes to rice crackers to your favourite stir fry, it all had added sugar! Including bacon!

Some people have taken a stand against some habits they have had for years (mainly Diet Coke). For those of you who feel you have got over “the hump” of going without your unhealthy habit, why not take this opportunity to have less or give it the boot once and for all.

Many of you have indicated that you will continue on a path of good health and find the healthiest version of you! Please feel free to continue this challenge for the rest of the month, term, year or the rest of your life (with exceptions for things like bacon and tinned tomatoes!!). If that seems a little difficult maybe you could try doing this just one day a week, include the family in on sugar awareness.

Feel free to leave feedback on your experience and intentions.

We have a little surprise for those who took part tomorrow at Bootcamp. Well done to those who aren’t part of our groups, it’s been great to have you on board with the Crabtree Fitness team. We look forward to congratulating everyone else in person this week :-)discipline



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Infographic On Sugar…Warning: This may shock you!


sugar infographic

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Shunning Sugar Guidelines…..Challenge Starts Monday

We are posting a little earlier this week as our Shunning Sugar Challenge is starting this Monday! You may need a little extra time to prepare for one whole week without sugar!! Hopefully you have roped in some friends or work colleagues to share this experience with. Why not include the kids to educate them too!

Education and awareness is our aim but if we can get just one person to lessen the amount of sugar they consume in the long term, we will be happy. In preparation for this challenge we are putting as much information out there as we can to support you on this. This will help you to select wisely on your supermarket visit, and also give you ideas and strategies on how to get through your week of no added sugar!shunningdonuts

The Guidlines are;

If it contains sugar or an artificial sweetener, DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH! The best way to check this is on the list of “ingredients“.

But watch out, sometimes the “Nutritional Information Panel” will say it contains sugars but this doesn’t necessarily mean it contains “added sugar”. We spoke about this a little this week. Things like milk contain about 3g of sugars but don’t have added sugar or sugar as an ingredient, it’s just milk and milk contains lactose. Lactose is milk sugar and not something we are focusing on through this challenge.

CHECK YOUR LABELS! Sugar content can vary from brand to brand, so its worth checking. Even within brands, as this example of oats shows. They both look healthy but packaging can be deceiving! By the way, the traditional oats have no added sugar. (we will post more examples like this one below on social media in the coming days).shunningsugar oatsDifferent Names for Sugar List

Artificial Sweeteners List                                                                                                                                                              If any of these names are listed on the ingredients, the food is not allowed. Take a screenshot and take it with you to the supermarket as a reference.

Remember, we are allowing fruit and dried fruit to get your sweet fix. And small amounts of honey are allowed in times of desperation (this could include when you are ready to kill someone or ready throw yourself down the stairs). We wouldn’t expect you to sit down with a jar of honey and eat it by the spoonful or add it to your weet-bix for sweetness. Avoid it and use sparingly when desperate. Check some of the “sweet recipes” on the website to help get you through, the protein balls are a good one, but watch your portions!

Ok, if you’re ready and up for this challenge please add your name in the comments on the Facebook or Instagram link to this post. If you’re not on social media send us an email….   Feel free to use the #shunningsugar hash-tag to post your feelings/food/frustrations or post a picture of the sleeve of Tim Tams you just consumed to let us know you have opted out of the challenge (hopefully we won’t see to many of these). This is one week only, starting Monday July 21st, to give you awareness of how much sugar the food companies are adding to our foods to make them more profitable!

This is all about being the “healthiest version of you”! Eat for health! GOOD LUCK, STAY STRONG AND KEEP YOUR FOCUS!eat less sugar

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Shunning Sugar…IMPORTANT

Sugar, sugar everywhere!! But we just can’t get enough. The more we have, the more we want. I know this to be true as “My name is Jackie and I’m a recovering chocaholic”.

You see, sugar was my best friend.  Sugar, and in particular chocolate, made me feel good. We had some great times together. Like the time when I was breastfeeding the twins and would sit down at night after a hard day in the feeding chair and consume a whole 250g block of Cadbury Hazelnut Dairy Milk. Or the good times we had on the trip back from the supermarket as I would crack open the packet in desperation as couldn’t possibly wait until I got home. I would often tell myself I would have just a small portion or just one row, but chocolate was my friend, how could I spend less time with my friend? I never did just have one row. For me, it was all or nothing!

I used to tell myself it was ok, I deserve this, I’m breastfeeding, I don’t need to lose weight, I’m active and healthy, It won’t hurt. Until one day, around the time I was studying the effects of sugar on the human body, I discovered obesity related diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease are not only associated with what size we are, they are also associated with what we put in our mouths. Don’t get me wrong, my nutrition was good. I was eating clean,  apart from the sugar.

The more I learnt about the science of the human body and the effects our nutrition had on it, the more scared I became of my friend. I decided for my own health it was time for us to part ways.

As I couldn’t have just a small amount it was cold turkey all the way! I’ve been clean for almost 3 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I could scoff a whole dairy milk in an instant but what’s the point.

I tell you this story because I want you to help you to be the healthiest version of you and I want you to understand that I know it’s hard! It’s hard to cut back or even contemplate going without sugar. But It can be done.

This brings us to our focus of term 3. You guessed it, “Shunning Sugar”. The first thing we would like to do is create an awareness of how much sugar we do actually consume in our western diets.

We want to create this awareness by running a “short term challenge”. You know how much we despise a short term challenge here at Crabtree Fitness, its all about positive lifestyle change for the rest of your life, for us!! But this one is more about education and awareness and a challenge that may give you the skills to be a stronger person than you think.

Starting next week (we are giving you a week to think about it and get your head in the game) we would like you to go cold turkey, sugar free FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK!!

Our Shunning Sugar challenge will begin Monday the 21st of July. For those who are willing to take part in our challenge, we will give you the opportunity to put your name forward for accountability via social media or email next week when we go into the challenge in more detail. Don’t feel obligated to put your name down if you feel pressured. Have a think about it, you need to be strong and ready!

We will be creating a hash-tag #shunningsugar so that you can get involved by posting on Instagram/Facebook etc. You can show us how well/bad you are going. Get on board with  friends or work colleagues, spread the word this week. While you’re at it start checking nutritional labels on your food to find out what has sugar added, it’s not just the obvious things we are avoiding here. Breads, sauces, cereals, condiments can all contain sugar.



NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (they are just as bad but more about them later in the term)

What sweetness is allowed?

Fruit, dried fruit, honey-THAT’S IT!! No maple syrup or stevia or rice malt to sugar

As sugar is more available than ever before, portion sizes are up and more foods have added sugar to make them taste better, it’s easy for us to be consuming way too much!

The recommended daily intake of sugar for an adult is around 6 teaspoons of sugar. But the average adult is consuming around 22 teaspoons daily and that figure is going up.sugar cubes

How much are you having? Keep a little tab on it this week, have awareness, you may be surprised how much has crept into your diet. For those of you who haven’t met our friend “diabetes” we will be bringing him along this week.just drink water

Remember, we are giving this advice and offering this challenge so that you can be “the healthiest version” of you! The healthier we are the more we reduce our risk of disease and that makes us feel good!

The following is a trailer of a documentary that was released in theatres around America last month but unfortunately I couldn’t find a date for release in Australia yet. It highlights where America is going wrong fighting the obesity epidemic and exposes the dangers of excessive sugar consumption.  This is closely related to our focus- “Shunning Sugar”

P.S. This Thursday our 17th July our early morning bootcamp will be at the Buninyong Primary gym as Damascus is unavailable. (6.15am)

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Thank-you For Our Red Balloon Experience

Thank-you to all our generous bootcampers who put in at Christmas last year and rewarded us with vouchers for a Red Balloon experience. We had the opportunity to take the experience yesterday with the help of some dedicated baby sitters for our kids, thanks to Cam and Bianca and Celeste, without you it wouldn’t have been possible!!

So what extreme adventure did we choose? Jumping out of a plane was probably the most death defying choice and the choice that was running through the heads of those who purchased the vouchers. We look pretty terrified don’t we? red balloon sky dive


Well, obviously we didn’t choose skydiving! red balloon balloon

Or a hot air balloon!red balloon helicopter

Or a hell ride on a helicopter!

We decided upon a  less death defying  “Spa Indulgence Package” at a tranquil resort just a short drive away in Hepburn Springs.

This was an absolute luxury for us and probably one of the most relaxing things we have ever done. Time a way for us usually involves countless exercise, keeping kids entertained and rushing from one place to another.

Upon our arrival we made our way to the resort pool and spa where we took many of our endless selfies!red balloon pool

We returned to our room to be greeted by our masseurs for an hour long massage together (apparently my body was loaded with metabolic waste, as it had been years since my last massage!!) Paul is still recovering from his “firm” massage!

We ventured into Daylesford for an exquisite dining experience and retuned to our room where we were really naughty!red balloon cake


We ate cake and read trashy magazines!!red balloon resort

After a devine sleep in the extra king size bed we strolled down stairs for a buffet breakfast! We finished our time away with a coffee stop at a cafe in Daylesford.

We can’t express our gratitude enough, this truly was an experience and one that we will never forget!

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