Introducing Crabtree Fitness Virtual Workouts

Autumn Action!

End of term is fast approaching and we are so excited to be delivering a new service to the community! Starting this school holidays we will be introducing virtual workouts.

We know how hard it is to get to our holiday sessions with the kids home from school, waining motivation or just the fact you’re away on the trip of a lifetime for some well deserved R & R! Never fear, we are coming with you, or to you! There’s no escape now!

We will still be holding our holiday group fitness sessions in week 1 at Mt Clear, these will be 30 minutes instead of the usual 45minutes, just for the holidays. A great way to come and try our sessions for those wanting to give it a go without the commitment of a full term. Grab some friends and see which sessions suit them!

Autumn action pjpeg


Available to current members and the general public. Get in touch with us so we can grab your details and get you on the path to be fit and healthy over the holidays. Current group fitness clients can fill in your details at our sessions over the next couple of weeks.

We’re really looking forward to branching out with this and there will be more bigger and better things to come in the future as we plan to expand, the wheels are in motion!

Term 2 Group Fitness will start after Easter on the Wednesday. We have the indoor gyms booked for terms 2 and 3 but if the weather is good we may still do a few sessions outside, seeing it will be daylight again in the mornings for the first few weeks. We will keep you updated on the Crabtree Club Facebook page.


Term 2, 2017 will begin after Easter and run for 11 weeks.

Prices for term 2 2017 are..

~1 session per week ($12 per week) $132
~2 sessions per week ($20 per week) $220
~Unlimited sessions/couples-family price ($25 per week) $275

Get in contact with us today

Jackie and Paul

PH 0431466409



Lifestyle Transformations 2016

It’s time for our client transformation stories.

As you may know,  we publish our “transformations” each December to show the hard work and dedication that has been shown by our outstanding members. This highlights the significant “visual” inroads that our clients have made.

This year, we have decided to do things a little differently to try and escape the superficial world of social media, the  “before and after” and the “lose weight fast merry-go-round” that seems to clutter the pages of fitness magazines and social media accounts. These photos don’t always tell the whole story on how people’s lives have changed for the better. That’s why we have decided to run a “My Story” package. We feel this is a refreshing way to capture what we really do.

These stories will reveal not so much a visual transformation, but a lifestyle transformation which has taken place since members have joined us. We have many clients who have gained so much from altering their lifestyles in a positive way. And their story is just as impressive to tell, as those who have made a visual transformation. We thank the following families for telling their stories and making Crabtree Fitness what it is today…a family centred community that emphasises a healthy lifestyle! Please sit back and enjoy their stories, in their own words….

ROSE & ALANrose-and-allan-1Our Story

Back in 2010, as my 50th birthday was fast approaching, I set myself a goal to complete a fun run but I lacked confidence in my ability to pull it off. So I enlisted the support of a neighbour (thanks Jill 😃) and we trained up for the 6km Mothers Day Classic at Lake Wendouree, then backed it up with the 10km Run Melbourne. Despite completing these events I didn’t feel as fit as I could be, so the following year, when a friend (thanks Ange 😃) told me about a personal trainer starting group sessions in Buninyong I was keen to give it a try… and support a local business – living 25kms from Ballarat, as we do, means having to travel for most activities.

After the first six months of me coming home buzzing after a workout, my husband Alan unexpectedly said: “I think I’ll give it a go” … this from a man who regarded sufficient exercise for him as chopping wood in winter and putting out fires with the CFA in summer 😉. At first I felt a bit miffed that Alan was encroaching on my ‘me time’ but of course I’m glad that he is prioritising fitness and nutrition too – he lost approx 10 kilos within the first six months and has kept that weight off. Now Crabtree Fitness is something we (mostly!) enjoy as a family since our daughter Ciara started coming along to help relieve VCE study pressure.
Since joining Crabtree Fitness in 2011 I’ve added a couple of short runs to my weekly schedule so I was able to train up with my bootcamp buddies (thanks Fiona & Gaye 😍) to complete our first half marathon at Run Melbourne last year. Our Saturday morning ritual is now a 5km run in picturesque Buninyong followed by coffee and brunch … Aahh … Bliss!
At the end of 2016, exactly five years after my first session, we’re still going two nights per week and we regard Crabtree Fitness sessions as part of our weekly schedule that we would not think of missing. Both the physical and mental stimulation has got us through various bouts of illness and injury (hernia, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow) that are happily in the past.

JANELLEjanelleMy Story

I first joined Crabtree Fitness when my youngest child was 4 months old, he is now 4! I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done.

In the early days going to boot camp was a bit of ‘timeout’ from the sleep deprived haze I was in. Now, I have to say I love it!! I go three times a week and I have never felt fitter, healthier or stronger.

Jackie and Paul provide such a practical approach to healthy living fitness. I have learned to understand and interpret food labels, make better food choices AND we get amazing receipies!!!

It sounds crazy, but I am now in a place where I love to work out and excercise, I enjoy the variety of the workouts and I love how I feel afterwards. I have also encouraged my husband to come along and our kids even talk about boot camp. I am grateful that I can be a positive role model to my favourite little people – my kids!! Jackie and Paul are amazing.

NIGELnigeMy Story

After snapping my achillies in August 2015, I had 11 months of no running. My health before the injury was ok, I attended bootcamp most weeks but my diet was pretty average. By the time I was able to be active again, I’d stacked on a few more kg’s and I had a couple of health concerns creeping in. My snoring was out of control, I was taking preventatives for my asthma twice a day and nexium once or twice a day for heartburn. Pretty much ready for the knackery!
Come July 2016, physio gave me the ok to start a few small runs. My first effort I made 1km, took me 6 tries to get to a 6km shuffle in. Started attending bootcamp far more frequently and changed my diet. Jackie started setting me a few goals which we have smashed, knocking 8 minutes of my 6km time so far and running (or shuffling) the 12km Run Ballarat! Pretty happy considering I’d never gone past 5km in my life.
Health wise, 15kg dropped off, snoring now occasionally, no asthma and no heartburn at all!
The biggest impact has been on my personal life, I feel so much better all the time, I’m out and about with my little ones (7 & 9) more and my older girls (18 & 20) are both now starting to get stuck into more exercise, hopefully 2 more Crabtree nutters joining soon. Michelle is especially happy (not just because of the snoring) because I am keen to be eating much better, I do pretty much all of our menu planning and shopping which makes our chaotic lives far more mellow.
Alot about how I feel now is thanks to the support I get from Jackie and Paul and I cant wait to see what happens in 2017!


I’ve been a bootcamper for about 18 months now and it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with any kind of fitness regime. I keep coming back because of the friendships, the coffee, the variety in workouts and of course the results! I’ve lost weight & gained energy. I’m less tired. I feel strong and healthy. I enjoy spending time being active with my kids.

My husband thinks I’m addicted to bootcamp, he’s probably right, but not for the reasons he thinks.
He says it’s all about endorphins and that I’m addicted to the rush, but he’s not there to hear the chatter, the whinging, the laughing, more whinging or to see our kids running & playing with their friends.

These aren’t just the women I go to bootcamp with, these are my friends. They encourage me, inspire me, motivate me and keep me coming back.
I’m looking forward to spending 2017 sweating and swearing with them.

NAOMInaomi5-copyMy Story

I’ve never struggled too much to maintain a healthy weight and I have always considered myself a fairly healthier eater. However, as forty rolled on by and the age of my nursing patients was getting closer to mine, I was forced to confess that I was unfit and doing nothing to maintain, let alone improve my own heath.
I used to listen to work colleagues and friends talk about running and the fun runs they had entered and I’d tease them, calling them mad and even claiming that running was bad for their health, when if I was honest with myself, I was in fact in awe and even jealous of the amazing things they were achieving and the fun they all seemed to be having. I would watch my husband go off riding and be left with my kids asking `Dad rides, Mum what do you do?’
Enter Crabtree Fitness. It’s thanks Jackie and Paul’s amazing encouragement and ability to get you to push yourself and believe in yourself, I now have run four half marathons and well as various other fun runs and while I am thrilled with my own personal achievements, the best bit of all is that I’ve been able to share this with my family.
As a family we have participated in numerous running festivals together, taking weekend trips and even travelling to Sydney for a family holiday so we could all enjoy the experience of running over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I don’t think anything has given me has much joy, as being able to share my love of running with my family. All standing together as a family having completed our various running events, ‘bling’ in hand for my mandatory family photo, still bring tears of joy, pride and gratitude to my eyes.
Thanks to Crabtree fitness, physical activity is no longer a topic for teasing, or something I avoid, it has become a regular and enjoyable part of family life and not just running. Jackie and Paul haven’t only given me the gift of health, it has been a gift for my whole family, for which I will be forever grateful.

KARENkazMy Story

I joined Crabtree Fitness Professionals back in 2012 when my friend Kirsten asked me to sign up with her. I wasn’t sure at first as I have always looked after my own fitness and felt I was going ok after having our first baby. But I straight away learnt so much. I wasn’t as fit as I thought. I could run out a game of netball in centre, but Crabtree Fitness Professionals has taken, not just my fitness, but health and wellbeing to a whole new level.
My husband Matt was intrigued by my new found fitness, so I signed him up too. He has been attending boot camp sessions since 2013 and he’s kicking goals with his fitness and is now running half marathons, which I believe he wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Crabtree Fitness. We made some minor adjustments to our diet. Jackie challenged us to make new choices and Matt noticed a big change in his weight.

Now Matt and I can do a challenging workout at home with our girls with limited space. Not only do we benefit from High Intensity Interval Training sessions (that Jackie and Paul are so generous to supply us with), we also educate our kids on the importance of exercise and I hope we can continue to model this positive behaviour to them in the coming years.

This year I started having a small group Personal Training Session with Jackie. It has been gold. I train with my two friends, Kirsten and Barb and I have seen great results. I feel strong, challenged and inspired.

Some weeks it’s tough with three young kids but we wouldn’t miss it. It fits in perfectly having the early mornings and gets us motivated for the day. It’s so affordable and such a positive and important investment in your health. I love Jackie and Paul’s leadership, they provide a training environment that is relaxed yet challenging with the upmost professionalism. They create interesting and fun sessions, we have such a variety in our workouts it’s amazing and keeps us all motivated. We are so lucky.

I also now consider Jackie not just as my trainer but also has my friend. She has been a huge support for Matt and I over these past few years. I believe I am now the strongest I have ever been and am still running around the netball court.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie and Paul and the positive impact they have had on our lives. Our fitness and health wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Look What’s Coming Up For Summer

Well, 2016 is moving along at a cracking pace! It’s time to put out our strategic direction  with what’s happening over summer!

First of all, we are well underway with our photo shoots for our 2016 “stories”. These will be published on the 11th of December. Just a reminder that the way  Facebook is set up now, not everyone who likes our page will see everything we post in newsfeed, so “follow” us on to get notifications every time we publish something important. That way you won’t miss our inspiring stories!

Group fitness sessions will run the week leading into Christmas (week 12). Please see the table below for our modified timetable for the that week (marked in purple), we are offering the same amount of sessions but condensed it over Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th  with our final session of the year being Wednesday 21st December at 6.30pm.

We will re-do our workouts from week 1 in week 11 to see how much you have improved over the term. Week 12 will be some inventive fitness games sessions as we start to wind it all up for Christmas (we always have heaps of fun with these, but you know our “fun” is different to your fun!).

We will be taking a three week break to rejuvenate, re-charge and come up with some crazy-shit for you to do when you return. Remember to use our “workout” tab on the website if you’re inspired to exercise over the break!

We will be starting back on a modified timetable with our “FREE 30 minute sessions” from Thursday 12th of January @ 6.30pm. ALL sessions will be held at Mount Clear Reserve! The free sessions will run until we resume our normal timetable when  Term 1 begins for us on Monday January 23rd.(note that kids don’t start back until the following week). decjan

If you know anyone wanting (or needing) to join us, get them along to our free sessions so they can experience the Crabtree Fitness healthy lifestyle just like you!

We hope you have enjoyed our nutrition lessons each week and that you have got some new found nutrition knowledge to keep you and your family healthy over the holidays.There will be some new and exciting stuff happening with nutrition in 2017 as we evolve into Crabtree Fitness & Nutrition……watch this space!

Thanks in advance for a fabulous and rewarding year, once again! You guys are the best!
Jac & Paulcrabtree-fitness-came


Crabtree Group Fitness, 12 weeks of Nutrition Lessons-Introdution

In the next 12 weeks, over 12 lessons, we’ll be giving you (all our group fitness members) information and guidance to……Experiment. Explore. Experience.Try things. Practice and see what works.

Instead of meal plans, we use something called habit-based (or practice-based) nutrition coaching.

You can’t learn to ride a bike from reading a book. Likewise, you can’t learn to eat better from just reading a book.
You have to practice eating better and making better choices. Which means practicing particular skills and actions consistently.

When it comes to improving health, body composition or performance, it doesn’t matter what you know or what you say.
The only thing that matters is what you do, consistently.

Only action can create change.
For motivation and inspiration, nothing beats seeing and feeling yourself improve, or discovering what happens when you actually do something. After all, most of the time, people aren’t missing most of the information they need to make good choices. It’s practice and choices.

You won’t be lectured.
Just telling you to “eat healthy” won’t help, nor will giving you a handout about fruits and vegetables. Without behavioural help, you won’t be able to do it, and you won’t believe you can do it.
In the end, rather than telling you what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it, we help you build the skills (and daily habits) required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at you.

With the skills we build on and the habits that we introduce, better choices will come more naturally when you’re grocery shopping, planning meals, preparing food and managing your time.

CRABTREE NUTRITION COACHING, powered by Precision NutritionCrabtree Nutrition logo

Celebrating 5 Years @ Crabtree Fitness!

The word on the street is that the fitness industry can be a fickle and short term venture for some. Not for us!  As we put this slide show together, for our 5th Birthday, we discovered that the secret to OUR success has been the loyalty, commitment and camaraderie from you guys! THANK-YOU…we will come bearing gifts tomorrow as we prepare for a week of FUN celebrations!!

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow and see how many times you make an appearance (you may need the pause button).


What to eat before the game?

What to eat before the game? Nothing is definitely not the answer. Going without breakfast before the big game can be a big mistake.  Our bodies have been fasting all night while we have been asleep the last thing they need when we wake up is more fasting. We need to fuel up to ensure we have enough energy to get us through throughout the game.

Our pre-match meal doesn’t have to be complicated or purchased at the drive through on the way to the match. I’m sure it’s a rush on game day, especially the Under 10/11 players who have a very early start!   Keep your breakfast simple so you can clean up and then argue about lost jumpers, where your footy socks and mouthguard are and who is sitting where in the car.

Being organised and eating your pre-match meal at home is the safest bet to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to play your best.  Have a good breakfast 1-3 hours before you play so that the food has time to digest and be converted into energy. A meat pie, hotdog or half a dozen dim-sims 15 minutes before the game is a really bad choice! Not only do these foods take a long time to digest, they lack nutrients,vitamins and minerals which help you perform at your best. And who doesn’t want to perform at their best?

Here are a few examples for a pre-match fuel up. All the foods below contain good quality carbohydrates and good fats which are both an energy source for our bodies…..

1. Warm porridge/traditional oats with milk, a drizzle of honey, crushed walnuts and sliced banana/fruit.
2. Weet-bix/Vita-Brits with crushed walnuts sliced banana/fruit and milk. (do not add sugar!!)
3. A couple of slices of wholemeal/wholegrain toast (Bakers Delight is a good choice) with natural peanut butter
4. Home made granola (muesli) with milk… See our recipe tab for ingredients.                      5. A couple of slices of wholegrain raison/fruit toast.

*There are plenty of gluten-free options available at the supermarket in the above products for those who are gluten intolerant.

If your game is later in the day, more than 3 hours after breakfast, you may benefit from a small snack an hour before you play. A banana/fruit, a salad sandwich or some natural yoghurt with berries. Remember, being organised is important!

You should  NOT consider the following a healthy pre-game food choice…

~Vegemite on White toast (or anything on white toast)
~Fruit loops/nutri-grain/crunchy nut, coco-pops or any other sugar laden commercial breakfast cereal.They will give you a huge sugar rush and leave you feeling lethargic half way through the game!
~A pre-prepared tetra pack like “up and go”
~A protein bar/ shake, these are not real food!!                                                                                   ~Any take-away food, this is not real food either!!

Make sure you are fully hydrated too and sip on water throughout the morning and through the game!

**A note to parents, what you eat during the game is also important! It has a big impact on your children. Be a great role model! Remember, monkey see- monkey do!



Fixing Your Portions

Calorie counting is usually a recipe for failure: It’s annoying, impractical, and research shows it can be up to 25% inaccurate on both sides — calories in, and calories out.

I’ve had a lot of questions on portion control over the last few weeks and I have promised to deliver the answer, but like so many others, I have been flat out working without a minute to spare! I have made time today to share the Precision Nutrition way on how to best control the calorie intake for you.

So, how much should I eat? That is the question on everyone’s lips! Are you eating all the healthy foods but still struggling to drop the kg’s, maybe you’re trying to figure out how much protein, carbs and fat to have?
Finding the right portions for you can be difficult, but never fear…….. the answer is in the palm of your hand, in fact, it is your hand!


I will have some hard copies of this to stick on your fridge/pantry with me this week. If you stick with this and adjust according to your results, with full adherence, it WILL work for you!