Crabtree Group Fitness, 12 weeks of Nutrition Lessons-Introdution

In the next 12 weeks, over 12 lessons, we’ll be giving you (all our group fitness members) information and guidance to……Experiment. Explore. Experience.Try things. Practice and see what works.

Instead of meal plans, we use something called habit-based (or practice-based) nutrition coaching.

You can’t learn to ride a bike from reading a book. Likewise, you can’t learn to eat better from just reading a book.
You have to practice eating better and making better choices. Which means practicing particular skills and actions consistently.

When it comes to improving health, body composition or performance, it doesn’t matter what you know or what you say.
The only thing that matters is what you do, consistently.

Only action can create change.
For motivation and inspiration, nothing beats seeing and feeling yourself improve, or discovering what happens when you actually do something. After all, most of the time, people aren’t missing most of the information they need to make good choices. It’s practice and choices.

You won’t be lectured.
Just telling you to “eat healthy” won’t help, nor will giving you a handout about fruits and vegetables. Without behavioural help, you won’t be able to do it, and you won’t believe you can do it.
In the end, rather than telling you what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it, we help you build the skills (and daily habits) required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at you.

With the skills we build on and the habits that we introduce, better choices will come more naturally when you’re grocery shopping, planning meals, preparing food and managing your time.

Fasten your seatbelt, lesson 1 starts this week!

CRABTREE NUTRITION COACHING, powered by Precision NutritionCrabtree Nutrition logo

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Spring into Summer, Get A $50 Gift Card

$50 promo

This is a great offer, so get out there, find someone, make a pact and get fit together! Why not get off to a great start with our free sessions….

FREE Group Fitness Classes
We will be running a “Spring Kick-start Program” for everyone in the second week of the September School Holidays.

All classes will be 30 minutes in duration and held at the Mount Clear College Gym. (indoors for bad weather, outdoors if it’s fine). Catering for ALL ability levels, kids welcome (with parental supervision). Starts Monday September 26th for 1 week. Please note the change in days and times to our regular timetable

Spring Into Summer Prices

Our 12 week block of “Spring into Summer” for Term 4 starts October 3rd and runs until Christmas.
Group fitness prices for 12 weeks (includes 1 nutrition lesson per week)

1 session per week ($12 per week) $144
2 sessions per week ($20 per week) $240
Unlimited sessions/couples price ($25 per week) $300 (discounted for term 4)

Your health is an investment, not an expense…it can become an expense if you do’t take the time to invest in it!

Contact Jackie and Paul  Ph. 0431 466409   Email.

See our Group Fitness tab for regular timetable and locationsspring watermark

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Celebrating 5 Years @ Crabtree Fitness!

The word on the street is that the fitness industry can be a fickle and short term venture for some. Not for us!  As we put this slide show together, for our 5th Birthday, we discovered that the secret to OUR success has been the loyalty, commitment and camaraderie from you guys! THANK-YOU…we will come bearing gifts tomorrow as we prepare for a week of FUN celebrations!!

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow and see how many times you make an appearance (you may need the pause button).


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Never Diet Again, Sustainable Weight-loss At Your Finger Tips

pro coach flyer


See our Crabtree Nutrition Coaching tab for more details.

Here are just some of the results that have been achieved through our nutrition coaching program….k b a

sharee b a

sarah2celeste 2


Contact us to find out more about our Nutrition Coaching… Ph.Jackie 0431 466409 or email

Get nutrition tips and recipe ideas on our new Instagram account….. @crabtreenutritioncoaching.

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What to eat before the game?

What to eat before the game? Nothing is definitely not the answer. Going without breakfast before the big game can be a big mistake.  Our bodies have been fasting all night while we have been asleep the last thing they need when we wake up is more fasting. We need to fuel up to ensure we have enough energy to get us through throughout the game.

Our pre-match meal doesn’t have to be complicated or purchased at the drive through on the way to the match. I’m sure it’s a rush on game day, especially the Under 10/11 players who have a very early start!   Keep your breakfast simple so you can clean up and then argue about lost jumpers, where your footy socks and mouthguard are and who is sitting where in the car.

Being organised and eating your pre-match meal at home is the safest bet to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to play your best.  Have a good breakfast 1-3 hours before you play so that the food has time to digest and be converted into energy. A meat pie, hotdog or half a dozen dim-sims 15 minutes before the game is a really bad choice! Not only do these foods take a long time to digest, they lack nutrients,vitamins and minerals which help you perform at your best. And who doesn’t want to perform at their best?

Here are a few examples for a pre-match fuel up. All the foods below contain good quality carbohydrates and good fats which are both an energy source for our bodies…..

1. Warm porridge/traditional oats with milk, a drizzle of honey, crushed walnuts and sliced banana/fruit.
2. Weet-bix/Vita-Brits with crushed walnuts sliced banana/fruit and milk. (do not add sugar!!)
3. A couple of slices of wholemeal/wholegrain toast (Bakers Delight is a good choice) with natural peanut butter
4. Home made granola (muesli) with milk… See our recipe tab for ingredients.                      5. A couple of slices of wholegrain raison/fruit toast.

*There are plenty of gluten-free options available at the supermarket in the above products for those who are gluten intolerant.

If your game is later in the day, more than 3 hours after breakfast, you may benefit from a small snack an hour before you play. A banana/fruit, a salad sandwich or some natural yoghurt with berries. Remember, being organised is important!

You should  NOT consider the following a healthy pre-game food choice…

~Vegemite on White toast (or anything on white toast)
~Fruit loops/nutri-grain/crunchy nut, coco-pops or any other sugar laden commercial breakfast cereal.They will give you a huge sugar rush and leave you feeling lethargic half way through the game!
~A pre-prepared tetra pack like “up and go”
~A protein bar/ shake, these are not real food!!                                                                                   ~Any take-away food, this is not real food either!!

Make sure you are fully hydrated too and sip on water throughout the morning and through the game!

**A note to parents, what you eat during the game is also important! It has a big impact on your children. Be a great role model! Remember, monkey see- monkey do!



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Fixing Your Portions

Calorie counting is usually a recipe for failure: It’s annoying, impractical, and research shows it can be up to 25% inaccurate on both sides — calories in, and calories out.

I’ve had a lot of questions on portion control over the last few weeks and I have promised to deliver the answer, but like so many others, I have been flat out working without a minute to spare! I have made time today to share the Precision Nutrition way on how to best control the calorie intake for you.

So, how much should I eat? That is the question on everyone’s lips! Are you eating all the healthy foods but still struggling to drop the kg’s, maybe you’re trying to figure out how much protein, carbs and fat to have?
Finding the right portions for you can be difficult, but never fear…….. the answer is in the palm of your hand, in fact, it is your hand!


I will have some hard copies of this to stick on your fridge/pantry with me this week. If you stick with this and adjust according to your results, with full adherence, it WILL work for you!


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Crabtree Nutrition Coaching Results

We set out on a journey 6 months ago to change the habits and lifestyles of these four beautiful ladies. With the full support of our nutrition coaching program they were able to transform themselves into fit, healthy and empowered women. This was not done on a 12 week plan of calorie restriction and expensive supplements, we gave these women the skills to change their lives for the better, for good!

crop final


Sara lost a total of 19kg and 80cm of her frame through our coaching program. Accountability and sustainable habit changes without all the guilt led to the amazing results, something she has never achieved before. Sara’s journey continues toward her goal with our full support.



Our figure/fitness competitor Celeste is looking amazing! Her comp prep has consisted of a “gains” stage where we increased her calories and altered her training. This resulted in a 6 kg gain of lean muscle. The second stage was the “shred” stage where she has gone from 23% body fat  down to 10% body fat. Celeste has lost close to 9kg of body fat. She still has 5 weeks to go until her comp, we will keep you updated with how she goes strutting her stuff.

celeste 2


Sharee has lost 11.5kg on the nutrition coaching program in the last 6 months which brings her total weight loss with us to 22kg in the last 14 months. After Sharee hit a plateau with her weight loss, the nutrition coaching program was the perfect system to keep her on path to her goal. Food education has been the key for Sharee, the more she learned the more confident she became. Another 50cm (85cm total loss) has been lost from her frame. Sharee and her family now have the tools they need to live a long and healthy life.sharee2


sharee b a


For Bianca it was never going to be about the scales, it was a gain in strength and muscle mass that she was seeking. Coaching Bianca to alter her nutrition and training has given her the confidence to wear bathers and shorts in public, something she hasn’t done in a long time. She can also now complete pull ups, an ambition of hers since she started training with us.sank


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