Crabtree Fitness Memories 2017


It brought a few tears to my eyes watching this! To say that we are proud of what has been achieved this year is an understatement! Each and every person in this video has worked hard and deserve their personal achievements! Achievements big and small!
Thanks for supporting our local small business, without you there would be no Team Crabfit! You’re special people to us and we’ll always have your back! We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a relaxing New Year! Kick back and enjoy…..

Our Story…Gretel & Jamie



BALANCE, this would seem to be the best word to describe our Crabtree story. Balance in lifestyle, balance in family life, balance in dietary intake, and balance in fitness, all things we both have gained from our time with Crabtree fitness.

GRETEL- I had spent the best part of 2 decades caring for someone other than myself. My fitness after 4 children was well… non existent. I never really enjoyed “exercise” in fact the thought of running gave me shudders (still does really). It became apparent to me though that I should attempt to do something about my weight and fitness.

When I first returned to fitness I felt a little out of control (to the point of being obsessive) at one point. “Lose weight fast” was the approach I took! Looking back now, I was wrong in a lot of ways, which I am happy to admit now.

Something needed to change for me mentally!

A few friends from work had spoken about Crabtree Fitness and it was clear to see how much they enjoyed their sessions. The thought of a local fitness group with other mums appealed to me and I liked the idea I would be more community minded by trying this out, so I called Jackie and before long I was at my first session. I can safely say not one session has been exactly the same since!

After some time Jackie was able to get me to change my mindset (with BALANCE). Nutrition coaching was key in this. My mindset had to do a BIG shift. However, now as a result, I am happier, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I can accept that I am the mother of 4 children and that I have to set an example for them all to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The mums I have met constantly inspire me, some with their young toddlers and babies in prams, some even coming along while pregnant. The friendships that have been formed, the coffee dates, the walks with the dogs…. Community at its best.  So thank you Jackie and Paul for your hard work and dedication in helping our community see the world in a better way.

JAMIE- Sport was a massive part of my life from 12 to 20. It wasn’t until I was 40 that I took up sprint training. Although I had always had a strong focus on fitness I had let my work/life balance get out of alignment. Building a new business from the ground up meant something had to go and fitness just fell to the side.  After seeing how much Gretel loved it and to compliment my sprint training, to fill up my winter fitness, build on strength and condition myself a little better for my running, I joined Crabtree Fitness as well……and it worked! My sprint times have improved, even winning a gold medal in a 40 plus age group!

Paul and Jacki are great and double back as coaches and mentors as well. 

My message is, make sport part of your life, not just a flash in the pan, and as you get older keep up the intensity. Stay hard and stay hungry. It sets a great example to your kids and your health will thank you.

Our Story…..Grant & Sarah

Our Story


Sarah- I joined  Crabtree Group Fitness group nearly 3 years ago, mostly to increase fitness rather than achieve a particular weight, size or shape.  As a smoker, mum of two and approaching 40, I was keen to make some positive changes.  I felt that I was active day to day but the lack of a structured fitness program, regime or activity, needed to change in order to feel positive about getting fitter…that and giving up smoking fairly quickly!

While joining the group was never about achieving a particular size, the benefits came quickly – new found strength, the emotional well-being gained from exercising hard and the aches in the days following the sessions felt good too!  We’ve all found muscles we didn’t know we had and the stress relief makes for a more effective mother, wife and nurse.  The friendships formed as part of the group are brilliant. While it’s not ONLY about the coffee at the end it is a nice way to finish a session.

Grant- I joined initially to increase my race fitness with mountain biking.  I was keen to exercise in a different manner rather than just on the bike. I was a in a pattern of training up for races and then doing nothing until the training commenced for next big race, which could be months apart.  Also, as a rider who concentrated on long races, I found I lacked the punchy speed needed for shorter races.  Bootcamp has provided an awesome all-round fitness alternative – its consistent, structured and fun!

The Crabtree approach to sustainable outcomes and lifestyle changes strongly resonates with us. We were never after a quick fix, rather a positive lifestyle change that we would maintain for the years to come.  Both of us relish the fact that we have strong and active children, we like to think that some part of this at least is due to the positive role models they are surrounded by.  The kids think it’s completely normal to head out for a 30km bike ride for fun or hike through the bush… fact, last weekend our family  hiked the Great Ocean Road walk, 70km in 4 days, carrying all of our equipment, all thanks to the fitness generated by our Crabtree attendance! Our lifestyle is a reflection of the Crabtree philosophy including balance, nutrition, exercise and community.   

My Story….Stacey

My Story


I have been training with Crabtree Fitness since 2012, after the birth of my second child.

I have always been into my fitness and sport but after having children I found my old fitness regimes didn’t suit my new child dependent lifestyle.

My husband was actually the one that got me involved, via an email he received at work about a local early morning bootcamp that was starting up and I haven’t looked back since.

Four children later and I’m still coming. Jackie and Paul have been so great during this time, allowing me to come and go between pregnancies, modifying workouts and swapping sessions and so on nothing is every any trouble for them.

I feel I have really hit a peak in my fitness since being with Crabtree Fitness. I have been able to continue to participate in my favourite sport, netball, at a high level and be rewarded with a premiership and a best and fairest in this time. I have also recently participated in my first half marathon and made it under 2 hours.

Jackie and Paul are great trainers with exceptional variety in there sessions. After 5 years with Crabtree I still enjoy every session and constantly feel challenged.

I feel fit and healthy and most importantly I’m setting a good example for my kids, who recently participated in the kids bootcamp and enjoyed it thoroughly and now also have an understanding of what bootcamp is and what mum gets up to of a morning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie and Paul for being so great at what they do. We are moving to Katanning in W.A. next year and I know I will definitely miss my morning fitness session.

Our Story…Siobhan & Bryan



Bryan – I started with Crabtree Fitness about 18 months ago and it was one of the best things that I have ever done.  My wife Siobhan has been going for a lot longer than that and I saw the positive changes that she had made and how fit and healthy she was, so that motivated me to have a go as well. 

I used to be a bit of a couch potato, but now I have lost some weight, with some more to go, and have a lot more energy and motivation to do all of the things that I want to do. 

Exercising with the group at Crabtree Fitness is a lot of fun and it is always enjoyable with a few laughs as well, usually at the start as I am too stuffed by the end!!!  Jackie and Paul are always available for advice and tips and make things so much easier.  I have learnt more about nutrition and healthy eating than I ever knew and this has enabled me to make meaningful changes and develop healthy habits. 

My only regret is that I didn’t do something sooner, but better late than never!!!

Siobhan – I never used to be a morning person at all, but getting up to fitness is now part of my life.  I have a very hectic lifestyle and I wouldn’t be able to fit exercise in if I didn’t get up early to do it. It’s an amazing way to start the day and I feel great because I have actually done something for myself.

I had just turned 40 and my girlfriend Nic and I decided to give bootcamp a shot as it was getting harder to shift those kilograms that quickly add up especially after having 3 kids. When I first started over 5 years ago there was only about 18 people or so in the mornings and with hardly any guys. It has been great watching the business grow and expand and some mornings there is more guys than girls. It was the best decision that I ever made as I have managed to achieve some goals which I would have laughed at years ago, such as running a half marathon, let alone two, and competing in a triathlon.

The other great thing about bootcamp and Crabtree Fitness is that I have made some great long-time friends through bootcamp. One of my closest friends I meet one morning and over many mornings boxing, running together, chatting while working out (shh, don’t tell Jac) and whining through burpee challenges we have become lifelong friends. I wouldn’t say that I am the healthiest or fittest person around, but I like a balanced lifestyle. I can justify the glass of wine and odd piece of chocolate or two when I have worked out in the morning.

I love that Bryan has finally realised that he needs to exercise more and has joined the Crabtree Fitness team. I hate to admit it but I think he is more addicted to me as our lives now revolve around bootcamp in the morning and at night. The kids have even got the bug and attend bootcamp.

Finally I would like to thank Jackie and Paul for putting up with my complaining in the morning and making me believe in myself and my ability.

Accountability, Support, Motivation & Guidance


We are here to motivate you when you need it most! Over winter we tend to just go through the motions of trying to eat well and trying and workout consistently. But Springtime is a time for serious action and accountability to pick things up a notch. Let us take charge and give you the tools, inspiration and knowledge to make shit happen!

Are you ready to take your workouts seriously and create a healthy relationship with food? If the answer is no-stop reading and go back as you were. If you answered yes and change is on your agenda, jump on board with the Crabfit 11 Week Fitness Challenge!

This is not a quick fix, you need to commit and work hard! Our common sense approach to health and fitness may make this challenge just right for you!

Our Fitness challenge is NOT a weight-loss challenge and we do not claim you will lose weight fast, we are not setting you up for unrealistic results that would be unsustainable. This about health and fitness, accountability, awareness, but most of all, it’s about us, as fitness professionals, giving you the correct, unbiased advice that allows you to make choices with informed and accurate information at your finger tips, without the use of expensive, unnecessary supplements! Hold yourself accountable and let us motivate you to change your mindset toward food and fitness!

What is involved in the challenge?

The 11 week package includes….

-Crabtree group fitness sessions (Mt Clear & Buninyong) Please check the group fitness tab on the menu for a timetable and locations.

-at home virtual workouts

-7 minute at home butt & ab workouts

-FREE weekend mountain hike (once per month)

-nutrition guidelines

-recipe Ebook

-example weekly menu plan

-mini weekly challenges (no sugar, core challenge etc…)

How does it work? Easy. Once you make a decision and your ready, willing and able, send us an email ( ) or sign up at one of our group fitness classes (if you’re already a member).You need to sign up to a minimum of 2 group fitness sessions per week. This gives you access to our protected content on our website including all the at home workouts, recipes and nutrition tips. Each week we will provide you with an example menu plan and shopping list (we do not provide gluten free, vegan, paleo, fodmap or any other dietary special needs options, please seek the advice of a clinical dietician or adapt the recipes to your choice of culinary flair). All the meals on the plan will be included in our recipe Ebook ( which we will send to you in week one) or on our website.

The food won’t be…….  low carb, don’t eat after 5pm, only eat green vegetables and chicken, only eat foods starting with the letter B. Included are simple and easy to replicate at home recipes for your entire family. There will be WINE, there will be DARK CHOCOLATE, there will be the freedom to enjoy the things that are important to you, all things in moderation, of course!

We will also be setting aside some time to take optional waist and hip measurements at the start of the challenge and also an optional weigh-in for extra accountability. There will be a stress free fitness testing component that will also measure your progress.

How much does it cost? The price is $28 per week for 11 weeks paid upfront at the start of the challenge for unlimited group fitness sessions, ALL INCLUSIVE or $22 per week for 11 weeks paid up front for 2 group fitness sessions per week, ALL INCLUSIVE

All new members to Crabtree Group Fitness also receive a free Kettle Bell!

Don’t regret it, once you’re on your way you won’t need to think hard about food and fitness, we do all thinking and planning for you, you just require the commitment! Take control and live a healthy life without the guilt and anxiety that is often created by quick fix diets and unrealistic images on social media. This is REAL. This is SIMPLE. This will be ENJOYABLE.

STARTS OCTOBER 9th and runs until Christmas! Sign up today. Contact Jackie at or Ph 0431466409
















Having twin tweens, it has been brought to our attention that in this day and age of iPads and mobile phones our teenage girls also need a bit of accountability!

Now that winter sport is over our girls need to get up off the couch and get active in a fun and friendly environment. There’s no better way to get active and be educated on nutrition and create a healthy mindset toward food and fitness. In the age of social media our girls are being subjected to unrealistic expectations and filtered images of perfection. This often leads to poor body image and low self esteem!

We’re here to set the record straight and give them real and sustainable advice to help them make the correct choices as they grow into happy, healthy and confident young women!

Girls, get a group of your friends together and come and experience the joys of exercise with Crabtree Fitness. 

















In term 4 each year we have a blast with our little people. We love kids bootcamp and the joy that it brings to their faces! Its on agin in 2017, sign your kids up today! It’s fun, its family friendly and its affordable. Send us an email to or text 0431466409 or sign up at a group fitness session

TERM 4, 2017


3.45PM -> 4.30PM




$50 or CAPPED @ $90 PER FAMILY

Current working with children check and VIT teacher registration, Cert 3 & 4 in fitness, Cert Nutrition Coach

So there you have it guys, it’s a fully loaded spring for Crabtree Fitness. All bases are covered! Contact us to sign up today!

Email or text 0431466409

Why We Failed As Parents!

If you’re like us, your childhood has probably been referred to as the “olden days” by your children.  A time not that long ago for us but an eternity ago for our kids. You know the days…..there were no smart phones or iPads……we had two channels on the tv (which we had to change by walking over and change with the knob). We rode our bikes to school with no helmets often down the middle of the road with no hands! We had no guard around our open fire, no front gate to protect us from the semi trailers that hurtled past our place at 100kms per hour. We swung from trees and used tin-can lids as plates in the make-believe kitchens in our cubby huts -that we made under trees with sticks and pine needles. We would often explore creeks after flooding rains and “play outside” all day! We somehow survived, with all limbs attached!

Socially, we would just turn up at friends houses and make our own fun, forming long lasting friendships by establishing social skills that still generate new friendships today. We weren’t rich with material things but we were rich with experience, resilience, survival skills and coping mechanisms to get us through tough times! We had no choice but to “harden up” for what life would throw at us!

Remembering this makes us realise that our own kids are growing up in an age of materialistic entitlement! We have four teenage children all going through puberty, all at the same time. Which does make our life somewhat challenging at the moment and with the introduction of compulsory iPads as a “learning tool” in primary school our life has turned into a living hell.

Like most kids, our children have the capability of being arseholes at times (3 out of 4 of them, 1 is the golden child), don’t get me wrong, we love them dearly but parenting has become a whole lot harder with the introduction of social media, selfies and Snapchat. 

Their social life today consists of sending the message “Hi” to all their snapchat friends to see who will respond. They fill their hours watching YouTube videos, Vlogs and taking filtered selfies to post to see how many “likes” they can get……pfffft!

Our kids have always been active kids and have grown up “playing outside” but since the introduction of these devices their behaviour has slowly turned their lives somewhat “sloth like” at times. This totally does our head in. “Get off your device, get off your device, get off your f*#king device!!”.

This brings me to the point of this story, why we failed as parents. Our kids have always had time limits with their devices. The access to wi-fi is limited to an hour a day. But, this time had slowly dragged out and we found the kids using them more and more because we, as failing parents, had got so busy with our own lives and let things go a little too far. It was our fault, we weren’t vigilant enough!

It’s a long story, but a couple of weeks ago we reached breaking point and confiscated the iPads for a few weeks as punishment for unacceptable behaviour. Behaviour caused by too much time on technology and not enough time in the real world!

To our amazement and satisfaction in that time our kids have explored, communicated, laughed, played and experienced some amazing family bonding through their precious teenage years. But most of all, they’re moving more, activity is a normal part of life (movement is not just the structured team sports they play).

So what does this story have to do with health and fitness? Too many kids are becoming too sedentary and lacking the coping mechanisms, resilience and social skills they require to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. 

We often wonder how kids today, who are so entitled by getting whatever they want, and spending so much time on social media, are going to cope in the real world once they get a job. Even though some of our kids tell us they hate us for standing strong and taking their devices away. And the fact that we are labeled cruel, strict and unfair by their friends (in fact, we even had a death threat on one social media platform), one day they will thank us for not being “cotton wool” parents and thank us for taking a stand for their mental and physical health and thank us for not being too scared to take their entitlement away. 

Last week we took our kids out into the wilderness for a hiking trip, no phones, no internet just us, our family unit!! We trekked three mountains over 30kms in three days. Our kids perspective has changed. They know the work it requires to climb a mountain to get the reward at the top. The view is always worth it, no matter how much whining there is on the way. Some entitled kids will catch the escalator of life and never experience the hard work required to get that genuine satisfaction of reaching the summit.


We’re not perfect as parents and this story is based on our life and our experiences. As a parent you do what works for you but be aware that kids need a little discipline, we need to say no occasionally and they do need to “harden up” if they want to make the summit in life. 

Below is the “Crabtree iPad user agreement” that we drew up specifically for our grade 6 twins. You may think it’s a joke, you may copy it and use it for your kids, you may draw one up specifically for your kids, but keep in mind, kids need our guidance. After all, we are not on this earth to be their friends, we are here to be their parents. And that’s exactly how it was in the “olden days”. Crabtree iPad User

*New* Members Only Access

We are here to announce our new look website with bonus features for our Crabtree Fitness members. It’s really important to us that our paying clients get value for their membership. Our recent upgrade adds a new feature to our website that protects content from the public but is unlocked by a simple member login (which is free) for all our current group fitness and personal training clients.

Features include all recipes, broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, virtual workouts and nutrition tips. These will be updated on a regular basis to keep you well informed so you can be your best.

You can access membership via your PC or your smart phone (the appearance is slightly different from your phone). All you need to do to become a member is use the menu from above ↑.

  • Select the “Crabtree Online Membership” button from the under the “Crabtree Group Fitness” tab  which will explain membership details.
  • Select the “join now” button
  • Fill in your details on the registration form

Your membership will be valid once I approve your request from my end. (this could take a few hours depending on how busy I am at the time). Once I approve your membership you will receive an email to say your account has been activated (you will also get an initial email to say registration is complete but that won’t give you immediate access).

Then all you need to do is login via the “member login” on the menu and all the protected information will be at your finger tips

This coming holidays we will be taking a break and there will be no holiday sessions, but never fear, this is where the member zone will help you out! We will be posting a lot more “virtual workouts” over the break that you will be able to access through our members only zone (no more pesky emails). Just login, download the workout card and watch the short video demonstration. These workouts can be done anywhere in your own time, on your own or get together with a group.

Crabtree Fitness…..evolving with technology to serve you better!




My Breast Cancer Scare and The Importance of Early Detection

Today I’m going to share with you a personal story. I’m not looking for sympathy or some sort of accolade (this story has a happy ending). I want to tell this story because I’m in this industry to help people, and your health and wellbeing is my number 1 priority!  I often bang on about nutrition and exercise and how beneficial it is for our health and wellbeing and this has not changed! The other part of the health and well being puzzle is health screening. Once we hit 40, or even before in some cases, it’s important to get regular health checks and screens to confirm our well-being. Don’t get me wrong here, a healthy diet and exercise do reduce our risk of disease and you’re all doing the best for yourselves and your families.

About a month ago I had my first mammogram. I had no symptoms, no lumps, no need to be worried. I was just ticking the breast-screen box! But, to my horror, I was called back to the clinic when some calcification showed up in my left breast. “This can be present in the early stages of breast cancer or it could be nothing”, they said. WTF!! Me, this can’t be happening to me! I’m fit, I’m healthy, I eat well and avoid toxins! Therefore I feel invincible! But according to the breast care nurses at the breast screen clinic, I am, in fact, not invincible! You see, breast cancer does not discriminate! It doesn’t care, how old you are, how fit you are or your family history!!

Over the last month I’ve had 4 mammogram images taken, 2 ultrasounds, a biopsy and I was booked in for surgery to have part of my breast removed. Because the calcification in my breast was so small all of these tests proved to be inclusive at the time. This did not help my mental state! In, fact I was wreck, on the inside. Without the support of special friends, Paul and my mum, I may have ended up in a much worse state. I did soldier on however, and got on with life while I awaited my results.

The important thing for me was that this was early detection, and early detection is key for a positive “worst case scenario”. This was one thing in the back of my mind while I awaited my results… worst case scenario was not a bad scenario. A positive result for cancer  would have probably meant no chemo and no mastectomy because it was picked up so early.

That’s why I’m telling this story. If I can encourage you guys to have regular health checks and screening, then maybe, just maybe, I can help prevent just one person from having a worse case scenario play out. Early detection is not just important for breast cancer* but so many other diseases. Bowel scan. prostate check ( yes, you too boys), pap smear, having your blood work done to test cholesterol, blood sugar and many other ailments. Visit your GP and ask for the works to ensure you have all your boxes ticked!

So to finish off on a positive note, last Friday I had a phone call from the doctor at Breast Screen to say that a very small calcification had shown up on my pathology to prove that, in my case, it was, in fact, benign. My words…”well thank fuck for that!” Not everyone is so lucky and I do appreciate the enormous stress and emotional turmoil that they and their families must endure while they battle with the treatment and the emotional energy required to fight on. And I’m sure that they would agree with me that early detection is certainly part of a positive outcome for all.

Talk to your family about this, your mother, your sister, your brother and your friends, you just never know who life you may save with one simple conversation!

*Breast Screen is bulk billed to anyone over the age of 40 and highly recommended every two years for those over 50. Call the Ballarat Breast Screen clinic on 53203527 for a mammogram appointment today……don’t be left wondering!breast screen

Celebrating 5 Years @ Crabtree Fitness!

The word on the street is that the fitness industry can be a fickle and short term venture for some. Not for us!  As we put this slide show together, for our 5th Birthday, we discovered that the secret to OUR success has been the loyalty, commitment and camaraderie from you guys! THANK-YOU…we will come bearing gifts tomorrow as we prepare for a week of FUN celebrations!!

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow and see how many times you make an appearance (you may need the pause button).


What to eat before the game?

What to eat before the game? Nothing is definitely not the answer. Going without breakfast before the big game can be a big mistake.  Our bodies have been fasting all night while we have been asleep the last thing they need when we wake up is more fasting. We need to fuel up to ensure we have enough energy to get us through throughout the game.

Our pre-match meal doesn’t have to be complicated or purchased at the drive through on the way to the match. I’m sure it’s a rush on game day, especially the Under 10/11 players who have a very early start!   Keep your breakfast simple so you can clean up and then argue about lost jumpers, where your footy socks and mouthguard are and who is sitting where in the car.

Being organised and eating your pre-match meal at home is the safest bet to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to play your best.  Have a good breakfast 1-3 hours before you play so that the food has time to digest and be converted into energy. A meat pie, hotdog or half a dozen dim-sims 15 minutes before the game is a really bad choice! Not only do these foods take a long time to digest, they lack nutrients,vitamins and minerals which help you perform at your best. And who doesn’t want to perform at their best?

Here are a few examples for a pre-match fuel up. All the foods below contain good quality carbohydrates and good fats which are both an energy source for our bodies…..

1. Warm porridge/traditional oats with milk, a drizzle of honey, crushed walnuts and sliced banana/fruit.
2. Weet-bix/Vita-Brits with crushed walnuts sliced banana/fruit and milk. (do not add sugar!!)
3. A couple of slices of wholemeal/wholegrain toast (Bakers Delight is a good choice) with natural peanut butter
4. Home made granola (muesli) with milk… See our recipe tab for ingredients.                      5. A couple of slices of wholegrain raison/fruit toast.

*There are plenty of gluten-free options available at the supermarket in the above products for those who are gluten intolerant.

If your game is later in the day, more than 3 hours after breakfast, you may benefit from a small snack an hour before you play. A banana/fruit, a salad sandwich or some natural yoghurt with berries. Remember, being organised is important!

You should  NOT consider the following a healthy pre-game food choice…

~Vegemite on White toast (or anything on white toast)
~Fruit loops/nutri-grain/crunchy nut, coco-pops or any other sugar laden commercial breakfast cereal.They will give you a huge sugar rush and leave you feeling lethargic half way through the game!
~A pre-prepared tetra pack like “up and go”
~A protein bar/ shake, these are not real food!!                                                                                   ~Any take-away food, this is not real food either!!

Make sure you are fully hydrated too and sip on water throughout the morning and through the game!

**A note to parents, what you eat during the game is also important! It has a big impact on your children. Be a great role model! Remember, monkey see- monkey do!



Fixing Your Portions

Calorie counting is usually a recipe for failure: It’s annoying, impractical, and research shows it can be up to 25% inaccurate on both sides — calories in, and calories out.

I’ve had a lot of questions on portion control over the last few weeks and I have promised to deliver the answer, but like so many others, I have been flat out working without a minute to spare! I have made time today to share the Precision Nutrition way on how to best control the calorie intake for you.

So, how much should I eat? That is the question on everyone’s lips! Are you eating all the healthy foods but still struggling to drop the kg’s, maybe you’re trying to figure out how much protein, carbs and fat to have?
Finding the right portions for you can be difficult, but never fear…….. the answer is in the palm of your hand, in fact, it is your hand!


I will have some hard copies of this to stick on your fridge/pantry with me this week. If you stick with this and adjust according to your results, with full adherence, it WILL work for you!